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Moved XmlTransformer to a dedicated package.

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Don't try and shortcircuit during XML transformation by writing directly to the destination.

There are some implicit transformations that take place such as line ending normalisation that needs to occur.

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Hoist some boiler plate around writing files, and xml transformation up to reusable utilities.

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Some fixed for running unit tests on ibm java 6.

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Detangled maven publication from core and coreImpl a little more: - Moved a bunch of classes which use the maven ant tasks from coreImpl to maven project - Moved XmlProvider to org.gradle.api.

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Moved rendering of doctype into XmlTransformer

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Take two at fixing this test on Windows due to the line ending difference.

Use “\n” instead of a literal newline in the source to avoid line ending differences between platforms.

Added a test to increase my understanding of XmlTransformer features

renamed TextUtil.toNativeLineSeparators() to TextUtil.toPlatformLineSeparators()

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XmlTransformer now enforces that all its output uses native line separators

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improved handling of indentation and file encoding in XmlTransformer and friends

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fixed newline issue in test

fixed GRADLE-1080: Eclipse .project merging creates significant whitespace diffs changed codenarc rule to allow more expressive method names in Spock specs

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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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