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Extract an interface out of `ServiceRegistry` to include only the pieces needed for injection by the instantiator infrastructure. This will evolve to allow different annotations to be handled differently, but for now it simply behaves the same way as before.

Use a custom implementation of this interface for artifact transform instantiation, to avoid the cost of setting up a full mutable registry (for now).

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Move class generation and instantation infrastructure from core to modelCore project.

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Use an empty Object[] const to call through from non-parameterized create() method (#4833)

Add `ServiceRegistry.find()` to query the existence of a service without throwing exceptions.

Update handling to disallow `null` constructor argument value sooner.

Add Javadoc describing behavior when receiving `null` constructor argument value.

Improve error messages when `DependencyInjectingInstantiator` fails to create an object.

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Changed `InstantiatorFactory` into an interface, and introduced a couple more factory methods.

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Replaced all direct usages of `DependencyInjectingInstantiator` with a global `InstantiatorFactory` service.

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Replace `ServiceRegistry` by `@Inject` based DI on `ScriptPluginFactoryProvider` SPI

Step 1. introduce new method on SPI but don't call it just yet

See gradle/gradle-script-kotlin#87

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