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Renamed src/main/groovy to src/main/java in core

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Replace usage of `String#format` with good old string concatenation

The rationale behind this change is that while `String#format` is usually admitted as good for readability (this is arguable),

in practice it is very bad for performance. Since Java 6, the JVM (the JIT, to be correct) does a pretty good job at optimizing

string concatenation. However, it is only capable to do so if we're using "dirty" string concatenations (using `+`), or `StringBuilder`.

However, usage of `StringBuilder` is not recommended either for 2 reasons:

1. it significantly decreases code readability

2. in Java 9, String concatenation is even more optimized thanks to `invokedynamic`, and code using `StringBuilder` will *not* benefit

from this optimization.

There are sill leftover `String#format` calls in the code, in the following cases:

- the call is used to generate an exception message. That's 90% of the remaining calls.

- the call is obviously a debug message, often used in `toString` (because as we all know, `toString` should only be used for debugging)

- the format includes specific number formatting patterns

- I missed it

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Apply property and method lookup improvements to more parts of the configure dsl, in particular those that use `ConfigureUtil`, which for example includes the `dependencies { }` closure.

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Moved classes related to dispatching property and method requests to live in their own package.

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Fixed missing property exception thrown by `ConfigureUtil.configureByMap()`

Use the correct owner for configuration closures.

Improve property and method lookup from some configuration closures, by short-circuiting the inefficient lookup in `Closure` and reusing the lookup in `ConfigureDelegate` instead.

Currently this improvement is applied only in a few places in the DSL, in particular when configuring any named container (but not its elements). A later change will roll this out more widely.

This change also removed duplicate property and method lookup on the owner object for these closures, improves error reporting on missing property or method so that the actual target of the configure closure is reported, and also cleans up the closure parameter and closure.delegate objects that are visible to the closure body so that they are always the target object.

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Changed `ConfigureUtil.configureByMap()` to avoid using exceptions for flow control.

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Deprecating LoggingManager.setLevel()

+review REVIEW-5912

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Changed `DeprecationLogger` to make fewer assumptions about where it is running, so that it can be used in the tooling api client.

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Moved `canonicalize()` method from `GFileUtils` to `FileUtils`.

GFileUtils requires Ant and its dependencies. Moving the method to a better home breaks this dependency for clients of the method.

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Moved LinePerThreadBufferingOutputStream to live with other io classes.

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Enable most tests for supplying arguments to request on integrated composite

Certain arguments are not supported, such as java.home. Added a warning when integrated

composite build is enabled.

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Extract writing of a properties file without the timestamp header into a reusable method.

+review REVIEW-5839

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Time might move backwards on VMs when NTP is used to adjust time

- make sure values aren't negative

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Optimize performance of org.gradle.util.Path.toString()

- this is a bottleneck for AbstractProject.getAllprojects and


- reason is that AbstractProject.compareTo calls Path.toString a lot

when sorting projects added to a TreeSet

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converted CharSequenceToScalarConverter to a service defined in baseServices and implemented in core converted to use NotationParser/NotationConverter

+review REVIEW-5672

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Tweaked deprecation message.

Adding deprecation warning and release notes blurb about AvailablePortFinder deprecation.

+review REVIEW-5579

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First stab at a multicast port allocator test fixture

+review REVIEW-5579

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Can use StringBuilder which is more performant than StringBuffer when there is no thread safety required.

+review REVIEW-5441

Change camel case regex to support numbers

Make DirectInstantiator a singleton.

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Made SystemProperties class a singleton instead of just having static fields and methods. Doing so is also going to allow us to push synchronization logic into this class e.g. for creating instances through a factory with a provided java home system property.

+review REVIEW-5397

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Log info about parallel task execution decisions.

+review REVIEW-5311

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Changing UrlValidator to verify text and binary files differently. Moved TextUtil to base-services so it can be used from internal-testing.

+review REVIEW-5272

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Added more trace to the perf tests fixture

So that I can hunt down the problem with the performance tests (e.g. problem parsing the gclog file). Added javadocs.

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some tweaks to application plugin after applying pull-request

- deprecate installApp in favour of installDist task

- merge ApplicationIntegrationSpec and ApplicationIntegrationTest

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Moved a few classes to live in org.gradle.internal.xml and org.gradle.internal.html

  1. … 63 more files in changeset.
Renamed XmlUtil -> XmlValidation

+review REVIEW-5059

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