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Renamed src/main/groovy to src/main/java in core

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Replace usage of `String#format` with good old string concatenation

The rationale behind this change is that while `String#format` is usually admitted as good for readability (this is arguable),

in practice it is very bad for performance. Since Java 6, the JVM (the JIT, to be correct) does a pretty good job at optimizing

string concatenation. However, it is only capable to do so if we're using "dirty" string concatenations (using `+`), or `StringBuilder`.

However, usage of `StringBuilder` is not recommended either for 2 reasons:

1. it significantly decreases code readability

2. in Java 9, String concatenation is even more optimized thanks to `invokedynamic`, and code using `StringBuilder` will *not* benefit

from this optimization.

There are sill leftover `String#format` calls in the code, in the following cases:

- the call is used to generate an exception message. That's 90% of the remaining calls.

- the call is obviously a debug message, often used in `toString` (because as we all know, `toString` should only be used for debugging)

- the format includes specific number formatting patterns

- I missed it

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Add some more diagnostics for cache corrupted failures

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Removed a TODO.

replace CRC32 checksum with a count of written bytes - bumping metadata cache layout version to 2.16

+review REVIEW-5622

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get rid of unnecessary RandomAccessFile.length() calls

+review REVIEW-5622

Renamed package o.g.messaging.serialize to o.g.internal.serialize.

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Use Kryo rather than DataInput backed encoders for serializing cache keys and entries.

Use string name instead of file path when creating an indexed cache.

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Moved some io stream implementations from core to baseServices.

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Extracted RandomAccessFileOutputStream class.

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Extracted RandomAccessFileInputStream class so that it can be used elsewhere.

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Changed Serializer to use Encoder and Decoder types instead of OutputStream and InputStream.

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Moved Serializer from core to messaging.

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Rename FileAccess methods to be more accurate.

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- Moved the lazy open stuff to DefaultTaskArtifactStateCacheAccess, and all caches provided via CacheRepository are opened immediately. - Some tweaks to the cache display names.

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Introduced TaskArtifactStateCacheAccess to isolate the various pieces of change detection from how the caches are constructed, and to provide synchronized access to the caches.

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Use the same synchronization scheme for all indexed caches, not just the dependency cache ones.

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- Extracted FileAccess out of FileLock, to separate accessing the file from managing the lock for the file. - Removed some unused stuff.

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Handle key hash collisions part 1 - use md5 of the serialised key instead of key.toString().hashcode() as the hash.

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GRADLE-1166 - Changed index cache implementation so that it is invalidated on crash during write.

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Shuffled some packages around.

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