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Renamed src/main/groovy to src/main/java in core

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Reduced visibility of some properties of `Delete`

Refine javadoc around fixing GRADLE-1506

+review REVIEW-5914

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JAR metadata charset now defaults to UTF-8, fixes GRADLE-1506

One can use the `metadataCharset` property to set a different charset

and Charset.defaultCharset().name() as a value to fallback to previous


+review REVIEW-5914

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GRADLE-1267 add a filteringCharset property to the copy spec

The copy task (and all the other tasks based on a CopySpec) allow filtering the source files to transform them. But the charset used to read and write the files was always the platform default charset, which causes problem if, for example, the source files are encoded with UTF8 but the platform default charset is another one.

This commit allows specifying a charset to use when filtering the files using `filteringCharset = 'UTF8'` (for example).

Note that the name `filteringCharset` was chosen for this new property as specified in `design-docs/handling-encodings.md`.

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Remove the return type from setFollowingSymlinks()

+review REVIEW-5852

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Add delete(Action<? super DeleteSpec>) to Project

+review REVIEW-5852

- Adds a DeleteSpec

- Deprecates and removes references to DeleteAction

- Moves DeleteActionImpl to Deleter

- Updates tests

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Move follow symlinks to a field.

+review REVIEW-5852

- This change also moves the deletion of the test symlink in Jdk7Symlink

to a finally block instead of at VM shutdown.

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Optimize PatternSet.intersect()

- omit extra layer when the instance is empty

+review REVIEW-5869

Add isEmpty method to PatternSet

+review REVIEW-5869

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Revert "avoid duplicate dir scans in uptodate logic"

unblocking colleages. this change broke the PlayReloadIntegrationTests.

Needs further investigations

This reverts commit f3b55a8862d1fdd5365529d82922747e2c3f5ba1.

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avoid duplicate dir scans in uptodate logic

- dedup directory filetreee results in DefaultFileCollectionResolveContext#resolveAsFileCollections()

- this results in one less scan of test classes directory when exeucting test task

TODO: diagnose possible duplications of SingletonFileTree

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Merging PR #574 again, again, for the last time.

+review REVIEW-5852

- This reverts commit e074f7824dd5d357f01d1875bdce9977d713f59b.

- This has got work.

- Third time's the charm.

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Revert "Merge PR #574 again, again."

+review REVIEW-5852

- This reverts commit 110e7b876aa2dbe3feb0c3bb2c01e50e191c5b55.

- Apparently this has something to do with a strange groovy problem.

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Merge PR #574 again.

+review REVIEW-5852

- Also, this time the constructor is public.

- Without this change there is an IllegalAccess error when we

use an instantiator to create a JdkySymliink from outside the


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Revert the merge of #574 Delete will not follow symlinks.

+review REVIEW-5852

- This broke some integration tests. I will figure out why

and put everything back.

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Moved @Incubating to public members and fixed up the release notes

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Some doumentation updates for Delete

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Added integration test, makde a jdk7 symlink

The FileSystemService will now use the jdk7 impl by default when

native-platform isn't avalible.

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Delete will no longer follow symlinks and delete the contents of link


As more languages come onboard with Gradle, symlinks become more common.

If we follow symlinks and try to delete the contents it could fail (for

system paths) or in the worst case, it will delete system contents (if

the build runs as root)

This change is a backwards incompatable change. Per the discussion on


it was decided to be important enough to introduce. The behavior change

is that `project.delete()` will not follow symlinks, if a user needs

symlinks to be followed they will have to use `ant.delete()` instead.

The `Delete` task has a property added called followSymlinks that will

toggle the following of symlinks. This way the user can opt into

changing the behavior for those tasks.

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Use a factory to create `ExecHandlerBuilder`, `JavaExecHandlerBuilder`, `ExecAction` and `JavaExecAction` instances.

+review REVIEW-5806

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Added `@Incubating` to new `PatternSet` constructors so they can be removed in 2.12.

Mark packages having only @Incubating types as @Incubating

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Revert breaking change to public API

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Renamed HeapProportionalSizer and methods for clarity +review REVIEW-5627

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Polishing changes to use PatternSpecFactory +review REVIEW-5627

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Fixed compile problems on Java 1.6.

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Extracted a super interface out of `FileResolver` and changed a bunch of things to use the new interface.

`FileResolver` drags in a lot of baggage, and a more focused interface allows things to declare which parts they actually need. Also helps bust up some cycles between `FileResolver` and the things it needs.

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Replaced `Specs.and()`, `or()` and `not()` with `intersect()`, `union()` and `negate()`.

The new methods perform some simplification of the specs, such as removing double negation or short circuiting 'and(nothing, something)''. The specs created by these methods are used to select files in file sets, and can be invoked many, many times during a build.

New methods were required as the signatures of the old methods did not allow much simplification. The old methods have been deprecated and will be removed in Gradle 3.0.

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Manage creation of most PatternSet instances

- use managed CachingPatternSpecFactory instance for

these PatternSet instances

+review REVIEW-5627

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