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Renamed src/main/groovy to src/main/java in core

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Moved classes related to dispatching property and method requests to live in their own package.

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Get rid of unnecessary UnknownPropertyExceptions

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Removed some unnecessary modifiers.

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Docs: adding extension with existing name throws

Document that an IllegalArgumentException will be thrown if someone

tries to add an extension with a name that already exists. For

ExtensionContainer#add(..) this behavior is already covered by the test

"cannot replace an extension" in ExtensionContainerTest. Added the same

test for ExtensionContainer#create(..).

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Remove @Incubating from methods in @Incubating types

@Incubating at the type level naturally indicates that all declared

members are themselves also @Incubating. Exceptions to this convention

can be found with the following command:

git grep -l '^ \+@.*Incubating' | xargs grep -l ^@.*Incubating

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Removed `@Service` from a bunch of things that are not services.

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Mark services with `@Service`, and reference them via path in the model

Also fixes rule-cycles in Android plugin.

+review REVIEW-5640

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Make it explicit in the docs that PluginManager.withPlugin() actions fire after the plugin has been applied.

+review REVIEW-5420

Don't need PluginManager to be extensible.

+review REVIEW-5369

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Added PluginManager to the DSL reference

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Javadoc fixes

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Removed unused interface.


Change rule source marking from annotation to base class

+review REVIEW-5359

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Fix a javadoc sample

Remove AppliedPlugins and make PluginManager the public replacement for PluginContainer.

+review REVIEW-5298

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Don't deprecate any of PluginContainer.

+review REVIEW-5298

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Add apply(String) and apply(Class) to PluginAware.

+review REVIEW-5298

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Introduce `AppliedPlugins` as container for plugin detection methods that were directly available on PluginAware.


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Some changes to detangle some service and DSL objects when applying plugins:

- Added PluginAwareInternal to provide access to the PluginManager for a target object

- Use this in DefaultObjectConfigurationAction to apply plugins using a PluginManager, for `apply plugin: ...` DSL usages.

- Use this in DefaultPluginRequestApplicator to apply plugins using a PluginManager, for `plugins { ... }` DSL usage.

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Clean up of API docs for PluginAware and AppliedPlugin.

+review REVIEW-5214

Annotate deprecated methods with @java.lang.Deprecated

+review REVIEW-5239


+review REVIEW-5214

PluginAware no longer has an internal protocol

+review REVIEW-5214

Deprecate all mutative methods of PluginContainer

+review REVIEW-5239

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Add PluginAware(Action).

+review REVIEW-5214

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