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Changed object decoration so that properties are not defined on assignment. This behaviour was deprecated.

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Fix generic signature.

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Removed deprecated ExtensionContainer.add() method.

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Remove unnecessary closure overload method.

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Added plugins.withId("pluginId") api for filtering plugins by id.

Needs review because I've used Closure type for method parameters. I've been following the pattern we already have for the PluginContainer. Can we start decorating the PluginContainer? Is it a breaking change? If so, let's do it in 2.0.

The api needs general review (e.g. return types, generic types, etc.)

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Moved some internal classes out of org.gradle.api.internal to live under org.gradle.internal

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Remove @author tags and names from source code.

- Added checkstyle check for @author

- Added not to saying that we don't use names in the codebase

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GRADLE-2066: Extract PluginAware interface out of Project.

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REVIEW-1762: Move ExtensionContainer.getAsMap() onto an internal protocol interface

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REVIEW-1738: Ensure that all DeferredConfigurable extensions are configured (late) during project evaluation - Added a ProjectEvaluator that gets/configures all DeferredConfigurable extensions after the main project evaluation - Added ExtensionContainer.getAsMap() to make this easy (configure-on-access) - Wrap deferred configuration exceptions in GradleScriptException so that there's no difference between failure during regular script evaluation and deferred configuration.

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Use @Inherited so that @DeferredConfigurable annotation works as hoped

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Switched DeferredConfigurable to be an Annotation rather than and interface

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Added DeferredConfigurable interface for implementing extensions that don't want to handle inputs that change after configuration - extensions implementing interface will have: - all configuration actions deferred until first access to extension - no configuration actions allowed after configured on first access

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docs: replace incorrect usages of "as for" with "as per"

These two phrases are commonly confused. According to and, proper usages are:

as for: with respect to; in reference to: <As for staying away, I wouldn't think of it.>

as for: with regard to: concerning: <as for the others, they'll arrive later>; <as for the others, let them get their own dinner>

as per: according to: <as per specifications>

as per: in accordance with: according to <as per your instructions>

The common usage in Gradle JavaDocs is of the form "<some parameter> is evaluated as for <some method reference>", which should instead be "as per". Almost all instances of "as for" in the codebase are of this form. There are, however, a few instances that are legitimate usages of "as for". Those instances have not been changed.

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Fixed some minor javadoc issues.

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Remove PluginContainer.allPlugins() and TaskContainer.allTasks()

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Some work on the ExtensionAware javadoc.

Rename ExtensionContainer.addDecorated to .create

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Rename DynamicPropertiesExtension to ExtraPropertiesExtension.

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Issue a deprecation warning when attempting to create a dynamic property directly on an object.

This has been deprecated in favour of the dynamic properties extension. = "bar"

is now: = "bar"

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Improvements to the DynamicPropertiesExtension docs.

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Rename DynamicExtension to DynamicPropertiesExtension.

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Made the dynamic extension an implicit facet of all extension containers.

Previously, it was managed by ExtensibleDynamicObject. This makes it more obvious in the documentation, among other benefits.

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Some work on the DynamicExtension doc, and added to the dsl ref.

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Remove DynamicExtension.add() and don't throw an exception when trying to assign to a property for the first time.

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Move dynamic extension stuff into the “plugins” namespace.

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Deprecate ExtensionContainer.add(String, Class, Object...) as it's too ambigous with add(String, Object), and added addDecorated(String, Class, Object...)

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Changed javadoc example to add an extension using the class generator backed way, and to show nested extensions.

Add ExtensionContainer.add(String name, Class type, Object... constructionArgs) for adding dynamic extensions.

This method is backed by the class generator and the instantiator, meaning that code like:

project.extensions.add("foo",, "bar")

can be replaced with:

project.extensions.add("foo", Foo, "bar")

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