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Convert `ProjectScript` to Java

This should only be called with a Project as `scriptTarget`, so casting

like that should be fine.

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Moved internal logging classes from 'core' to 'logging' project.

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Changed transformed rule DSL so that rule closure can see the project and script, making transformed and non-transformed rule closures work more similarly in preparation for switching the transform on by default. Using the project/script in rule closures will later be deprecated and removed, after the syntax for input references has been simplified and replacements for some of the things on project have been added.

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Remove implicit defaults from ScriptPluginFactory.

This complicates some clients of ScriptPluginFactory, but makes its usage more consistent and comprehensible. Futher refactorings are to follow.

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Remove some deprecated logging methods.

- captureStandardOutput() on Project, Task and Script.

- disableStandardOutputCapture() on Project, Task, Script and LoggingManager.

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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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