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Revert reuse of file snapshotter across builds (investigate failing test)

This reverts commit c5a7b0e10097a2165fc7aa7470df7a68d8e3c5f5 and commit 6df9c3e143038b77e53148f6a2dccfc172b1c1c9.

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Get rid of ShortCircuitEmptyScriptCompiler

This commit removes `ShortCircuitEmptyScriptCompiler` that was causing unnecessary reads of build script contents, while on the other hand being pretty weak in detecting empty scripts.

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Compose method

Allow a rule source to be applied to a model node using an `ExtractedRuleSource` instead of a `Class`.

This allows the `ExtractedRuleSource` to be contextualized in some way, for example, explicit input bindings.

+review REVIEW-5756

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Introduced a type to represent an inspected rule source.

Previously this was represented as a set of rule methods. Introducing a type will allow meta-data that applies to the rule source as a whole, such as implicit inputs, to be captured.

+review REVIEW-5756

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Moved some classes from o.g.model.internal.core to o.g.model.internal.inspect.

Also moved a class that was only used by a single test to live in that test class.

+review REVIEW-5756

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Introduced `RuleSourceSchema` to represent the result of inspecting a `RuleSource`.

+review REVIEW-5756

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Simplified extracted rules a bit

+review REVIEW-5620

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Prevents decorated subtypes from being used as model node types.

+review REVIEW-5526

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Extracted a ScriptTarget type out of DefaultScriptPluginFactory, to encapsulate the target specific behaviour. Also removed some parameters from ScriptPluginFactory.create() that are implied by other parameters.

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Allow using hasPlugin() or similar in a plugin application callback.

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Release no longer needed script runtime classloaders.

+review REVIEW-5411

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GRADLE-3249 - Don't fire pluginManager.withPlugin() callbacks until after the plugin has been “applied”.


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Push replaceOrCreate to model registry.

Realligned some other model registry methods.

+review REVIEW-5382

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Pull the error for trying to create model nodes as scopes other than root “up”.

+review REVIEW-5353

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Added method to ClassLoaderScope to efficiently check whether a Class is defined by a given scope, without needing to construct the ClassLoaders for the scope.

Use this in DefaultPluginRegistry to decide whether to inspect a class or not.

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Changed plugin registry so that it queries its parent when inspecting a type before attempting to inspect the type itself. Previously, every registry was inspecting each type, which is practice means that no caching was actually being done.

Also changed DefaultPluginRegistry so that it is always backed by a ClassLoaderScope. Changed the root ClassLoaderScope so that its local ClassLoader is the core plugins ClassLoader.

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Some internal reorganisation of DefaultPluginManager.

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Rename ModelRuleRegistration to ExtractedModelRule.

+review REVIEW-5353

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Remove PluginClassApplicator.

+review REVIEW-5353

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Rename ModelRuleInspector to ModelRuleExtractor.

+review REVIEW-5353

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Push the class to rule extractor into the registry, to allow nodes etc. to accept RuleSource classes.

While it bothers me slightly that we are pushing knowledge of a particular type of rule representation into the registry, it saves having to cart some extra stuff around.

+review REVIEW-5353

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Simplified handling of qualified and unqualified plugin ids in DefaultPluginContainer and DefaultPluginManager.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Added some unit test coverage for DefaultPluginManager and fixed an issue finding plugins from an empty plugin container.

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Added a displayName to PluginImplementation.

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Changed PluginRegistry.inspect() to also return a PluginImplementation.

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Renamed PotentialPluginWithId to PluginImplementation.

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Use consistent exception for badly-formed plugin implementation.

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Added PotentialPluginWithId.isAlsoKnownAs() to allow the alternate ids for a plugin to be queried.

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
Changed PluginRegistry.lookup() to accept a PluginId. Added some test coverage and simplified implementation of DefaultPluginRegistry.

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