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Increase UserInputHandlingIntegrationTest timeout

Previously we have encountered a lot of timeout in UserInputHandlingIntegrationTest,

now we simply increase the timeout to see how it works.

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Add empty settings.gradle to UserInputHandlingIntegrationTest

Looking at the history of UserInputHandlingIntegrationTest, some of them costs over 10 seconds to start,

which seems to be caused by lacking proper settings.gradle file. Now we add an empty one.

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Minor tweak to layout of prompt used to ask user to select an option from a list.

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Allow the user to be prompted with a yes/no question that has a default response.

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Change test class so that it doesn't run each test case using both daemon and no-daemon execution. Instead, the test runs with whichever execution the current test suite is using, and all of the execution modes will be covered at least once in various stages of CI.

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Change the user prompt infrastructure to give the user some feedback when they enter a value that isn't valid for the question. Add some test coverage for user prompting.

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