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Explicitly configure pmd to not use incremental analysis feature

This stops it from writing a lot of instances of the warning

"This analysis could be faster, please consider using Incremental Analysis:"

when running pmd analysis. There is no functional difference in how PMD

operates from this change.


Signed-off-by: Noa Resare <>

Move some internal types back to their original package.

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Moved a bunch of dynamic object related types from core to live in modelCore.

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Fix spotbugs compatibility (#8076)

* Fix spotbugs plugin compatibility

- add smoke test for spotbugs plugin

* Fix deprecation warning

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Fix deprecation warning

Decorate all domain collection container for emitting build ops (#7876)

* Update all domain object container with decorator for tracing executed callback actions

* Add decorator to a ll required occurances of DefaultDomainObjectSet

* Keep ctor for DefaultPolymorphicDomainObjectContainer as its used in gradle-idea-ext plugin

* Bring back DefaultDomainObjectSet constructor used by the android plugin

* keep backwards compatibility

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Suppress warnings for internal use of deprecated code-quality plugin types

Update Guava to 26.0

- Replace `Files.readLines()` with `Files.asCharSource().readLines()`

- Replace `Files.write()` with `Files.asCharSink().write()`

- Change `Objects.toStringHelper()` to `MoreObjects.toStringHelper()`

- Change `Iterators.emptyIterator()` to `Collections.emptyIterator()`

- Use `MoreExecutors.directExecutor()` with `Futures.addCallback`

- Replace `CharMatcher.JAVA_UPPER_CASE`/`JAVA_ISO_CONTROL` with


- Replace `new SimpleTimeLimiter()` with `SimpleTimeLimiter.create()`

- Update `DistributionIntegrationSpec` because Guava requires 4

additional downstream dependencies:

* org.checkerframework:checker-compat-qual



* org.codehaus.mojo:animal-sniffer-annotations

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Use named(String, Action) in gradle/gradle

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Upgrade default tool version of PMD to 6.7.0

The default ruleset has been changed from the now deprecated

`java-basic` to `category/java/errorprone.xml`.

Resolves #6625.

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Return CustomizableHtmlReport for Checkstyle and FindBugs HTML report

Signed-off-by: James Justinic <>

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Deprecation progress events are enriched to allow better visualisation (#6034)

Update deprecation model; tweak deprecation messages

* some renamings in feature usage

* introduce feature usage type

* introduce contextual advice for deprecation messages

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Expose deprecation warning messages and stacktraces via build operations (#5881)

Expose deprecation warnings as operation progress events

- introduce split of message, warning and advice

- make deprecation progress events immutable

- rework deprecation handling/messages to support more a richer model

- update build operation progress model

- tweak existing deprecation warnings to match new model

- Add performance test + make stacktrace calculation for build ops lazy

- Always include a trace with FeatureUsage now that its always required

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Revert "Change a bunch of plugins to use the extensions added by the Java base plugins rather than the convention objects."

This reverts commit 705bb590565628a568814413f20d1675033693ab.

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Revert "Fixes."

This reverts commit 480434d3d2c4d53177abcc5dfe48172e6162a538.


Change a bunch of plugins to use the extensions added by the Java base plugins rather than the convention objects.

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Use register() over createLater() in all built-in plugins

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Rename TaskContainer.get(Class, String) to TaskCollection.named(String)

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Introduce configureEach to replace configureEachLater

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Rename getByNameLater() to get()

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Lazily create and configure code quality tasks

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Use umodifiable list in DefaultClassPath

This makes accidental mutation impossible and reduces some

of the repeated wrapping.

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Favor using FileCollection.iterator() over FileCollection.getFiles()

In some cases it's cheaper to create the iterator than a full-blown Set.

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Fix PMD 6.0.1 deprecation warnings

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Support PMD incremental analysis

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Always report Checkstyle violations-summary from xml report (#3901)

Report Checkstyle violations from xml report, regardless of build pass/fail.

Prior to this, Checkstyle plugin would be silent unless the build failed or

ignoreFailures=true. If thresholds maxErrors and maxWarnings were not met,

reported rule violations in the XML or HTML reports were not mentioned in

build output.

With this change, if Checkstyle is configured to produce an XML report (default),

the report is parsed and violations summarised in the Checkstyle task build output.

This occurs regardless of whether the build failed or not.

Fixed #881

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Add `@Nullable` annotations to code-quality (#4518)

    • -15
    • +16
    • -0
    • +20
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Findbugs should use mapped nested inputs

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
Add `@Nullable` to `@Optional` task inputs

where applicable.

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