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Rename TaskContainer.get(Class, String) to TaskCollection.named(String)

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Introduce configureEach to replace configureEachLater

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Rename getByNameLater() to get()

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Lazily create and configure code quality tasks

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Use umodifiable list in DefaultClassPath

This makes accidental mutation impossible and reduces some

of the repeated wrapping.

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Favor using FileCollection.iterator() over FileCollection.getFiles()

In some cases it's cheaper to create the iterator than a full-blown Set.

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Fix PMD 6.0.1 deprecation warnings

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Support PMD incremental analysis

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Always report Checkstyle violations-summary from xml report (#3901)

Report Checkstyle violations from xml report, regardless of build pass/fail.

Prior to this, Checkstyle plugin would be silent unless the build failed or

ignoreFailures=true. If thresholds maxErrors and maxWarnings were not met,

reported rule violations in the XML or HTML reports were not mentioned in

build output.

With this change, if Checkstyle is configured to produce an XML report (default),

the report is parsed and violations summarised in the Checkstyle task build output.

This occurs regardless of whether the build failed or not.

Fixed #881

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Add `@Nullable` annotations to code-quality (#4518)

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Findbugs should use mapped nested inputs

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Add `@Nullable` to `@Optional` task inputs

where applicable.

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Revert "Support PMD's analysis cache (#2223)" and "Improve test coverage for pmd incremental analysis (#2961)" (#3125)

Since there're some issues unreleased in pmd plugin:

This reverts commit:








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Move PMD incremental cache into task's temporary directory

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Reuse AbstractPmdPluginVersionIntegrationTest for multi-version tests

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Add more tests for pmd incremental analysis

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Support PMD's analysis cache (#2223)

Support PMD's incremental analysis

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Support for FindBugs JVM arguments (#781)

Support for FindBugs JVM arguments

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Add an option to FindBugs to disable analysis progress (#2181)

This fixes,,

It has been reported that FindBugs plugin will always print analysis

progress to standard output no matter what the configuration is. It is

because '-progress' command line option is always activated when

staring FindBugs in FindBugsSpecBuilder. This commit add an option to

FindBugs plugin named 'showProgress' to control it. If set to false,

'-progress' will not be passed to FindBugs.

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Add compilationClasspath property to CodeNarc task (#2325)

Allows to configure classpath used by CodeNarc enhanced rules when compiling analyzed classes.

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Use public `ObjectFactory` instead of internal `Instantiator` in several task types.

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Improve code style

Add support for 'console' output type of CodeNarc plugin.

This fix . Although it is

documented that CodeNarc plugin supports 'console' output type, that

type is never implemented. This commit add 'console'

TaskGeneratedSingleFile to CodeNarcReportsImpl, and adjust the options

with which Ant codenarc task is called. To redirect Ant output to Gradle

standard output in 'console' type, the lifecycleLogLevel of AntLogAdapter

is changed to INFO.

Then, a unit test and an integration test are provided.

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Extract config_loc as a static property

+review REVIEW-6526

Address review items for Checkstyle configDir

+review REVIEW-6526

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Rename checkstyleConfigDir to configDir to be consistent with the other properties

+review REVIEW-6526

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Use config_loc instead of our custom checkstyleConfigDir

+review REVIEW-6526

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Provide alias to config_loc

This is commonly used by people and is supported in the Eclipse/IntelliJ plugins

+review REVIEW-6526

Provide checkstyleConfigDir for checkstyle.xml configs

+review REVIEW-6526

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Use separate output directories for all JVM languages

- Introduce an outputDir on SourceDirectorySet

- Default output directory is now `build/classes/<source directory set name>/<source set name>`

- Example: Java compilation goes to build/classes/java/main instead of build/classes/main

- Adapt JDepend, FindBugs, Test and ValidateTaskProperties tasks to handle multiple class directories

- Deprecate setClassesDir/getClassesDir on SourceSetOutput

- Calling setClassesDir restores old behavior (shared output directory)

- Introduce addClassesDir and getClassesDirs on SourceSetOutput

- OSGi plugin needs a single classes directory, so introduce 'osgiClasses' task that syncs all classes to a single directory

Most of the changes to integration tests are find classes in their new location. Helper methods in AbstractIntegrationSpec

can locate class files vs hardcoding a path.

Squashed commit of sg-split-jvm-classes branch for REVIEW-6502

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