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Introduce a specific exception type for verification failures

This introduces VerificationCheckFailedException to the Gradle API.

It's purpose is to indicate that a check task was successfully

executed but resulted in failure due to violations.

This allows other tools and Gradle logging to distinguish between

a verification tool failing to execute and one that failed for

"normal and expected" reasons.

The code quality and testing plugins are updated to use this new

exception type when appropriate.

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Introduce ReportGenerated exceptions

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Use umodifiable list in DefaultClassPath

This makes accidental mutation impossible and reduces some

of the repeated wrapping.

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Add compilationClasspath property to CodeNarc task (#2325)

Allows to configure classpath used by CodeNarc enhanced rules when compiling analyzed classes.

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Improve code style

Add support for 'console' output type of CodeNarc plugin.

This fix . Although it is

documented that CodeNarc plugin supports 'console' output type, that

type is never implemented. This commit add 'console'

TaskGeneratedSingleFile to CodeNarcReportsImpl, and adjust the options

with which Ant codenarc task is called. To redirect Ant output to Gradle

standard output in 'console' type, the lifecycleLogLevel of AntLogAdapter

is changed to INFO.

Then, a unit test and an integration test are provided.

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Migrate `CodeNarc` task to Java

The task still uses an internal class written in Groovy to invoke an isolated Ant builder.

+review REVIEW-6081

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