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Inline the templates script and make the test depend on generating the template

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Make the build scan plugin perf test project smaller, but run more iterations

This should hopefully help produce more stable results

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Expand the build scan performance tests

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Revert build scan performance test template size change

Reduce the number of projects in the build scan performance test

Extract plugin application logic out of template generation

+review REVIEW-6596

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Spread the source files across more packages

Puts more stress on the input file model

+review REVIEW-6596

Remove unused template

+review REVIEW-6597

Cleanup template

+review REVIEW-6596

Minor cleanup on template

+review REVIEW-6596

Add script plugin generator to ProjectGeneratorTask

+review REVIEW-6596

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Polish build scripts

- Remove redudant `.configure` call

- Make expressions readable under 120 columns

- Remove obvious type declarations from expressions

- Favour property syntax over method invocation syntax

- Keep arguments at the same indentation level

- Improve use of spaces

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Convert `build-scan-performance` build scripts to Kotlin

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