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Reuse the build script generation infrastructure to generate the dependencies in the Gradle build scripts when converting a Maven build.

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Change the `init` task to reuse the build script generator infrastructure to generate the Gradle settings file for a Maven build, rather than creating a string with ad hoc formatting.

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Use groupId:artifactId instead of artifactId when converting maven to gradle project #3078

Signed-off-by: Bo Zhang <>

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Revert changes to Maven2Gradle

and account for not supporting the Kotlin DSL when migrating from Maven


Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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More coverage for maven build conversion to kotlin build scripts

Fixing minor formatting issue in generated groovy scripts found along

the way.

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Maven2Gradle conversion supports generating kotlin build scripts

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Files need to be created in unique test directory

Avoid CI cleanup logic to fall over.

code review fixes

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fix code review and quickChecks

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add test on compileOnly scope

TestFile.setText() should create directory, too

Just like leftShift() does already.

+review REVIEW-6170

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Some more renamings in former build-setup subproject - rename build-setup plugin to build-init - rename ProjectSetupDescriptor interface to ProjectInitDescriptor - renamed buildSetup gradle subproject to buildInit

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