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Move Java sources back for build-init

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Promote wrapper and build init plugins

Issue: #1531

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Added `java-application` type to build init plugin, to generate the build for a Java application.

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Make checkstyle happy by adding the missing license header

Add missing ``

Migrate `InitBuild` from Groovy to Java

+review REVIEW-5938

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Revert change to `InitBuild.projectLayoutRegistry`

Let's leave it as it is.

+review REVIEW-5932

Fix missing task property annotation for `InitBuild`

+review REVIEW-5932

Convert most of `build-init` to Java and static Groovy

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Improve method signature after past change


Allow specifying custom order of task options in help command output

This change was driven by the need to display more important option of build init plugin first.

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Rename 'with' option to 'test-framework' in build init plugin

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Rename 'with' option to 'test-framework' in build init plugin

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List available build init modifiers in the command line help

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Remove unnecessary code

Refactor build init plugin after applying a pull request

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implement support for init type modifiers

By default types do not support additional modifiers (and will fail with

an error message). However to support init modifiers the type

ProjectInitDescriptor implementation class simply needs to override the

withModifiers method and add handling logic in the generate method.

Currently only the java-library type supports init modifiers (spock).

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Avoid pushing implicit state into the model registry for rules that we push in via internal APIs.

+review REVIEW-5382

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Change task placeholders from being completely opaque actions to deferred task definitions.

+review REVIEW-5335

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Revert selective task closing work.

Too much breakage.

+review REVIEW-5350

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Wire the model registry into the “task selector”, effectively enabling configure-on-demand for rule based task declarations.

Rather than eagerly “realize” the whole task container and its contents, we now only realize the container itself.

This means that we know of all the tasks that will exist without actually creating them.

If a task (declared by rules) is not needed for a build (i.e. not selected, not depended on) it will not be created.

However, our rule based plugins at this time contain coarse rules that don't allow this feature to be leveraged.

Benefits will only be seen right now for contrived domains.

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Minor tweaks

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REVIEW-3510 change String[] Option.options() to String Option.option()

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Add support for option annotation on fields

- support annotating fields

- defaults to field name when options not set

- move option related methods into seperate package

- cache static information about parsed classes in OptionReader

- TODO move assertion on valid method type into MethodOptionElement

- TODO add assertion on valid option field type into FieldOptionElement

- TODO throw decent exception when option.description not set. currently it's optional

- TODO throw decent exception when option.options not set when annotated on methods

- MAYBE: calculate option name on methods (e.g. setName -> option name name)

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rename commandlineoption annotation to option annotation; to be used for more general purposes than just passing commandline options in the future

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Add support for dynamically looking up possible option values - add optionValues annotation to mark methods providing default values - add optionValues to InitBuild task to list possible project layouts

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Sort the list of supported build types.

Changed the 'build-init' plugin to define the ProjectLayoutSetupRegistry as a project scoped service, instead of manually wiring it together.

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REVIEW-3373: Add back BuildTypeID specific ProjectInitDescriptors

- ProjectDescriptorRegistryFactory should not now about InitDescriptor details. Moved the details into the BuildType related ProjectInitDescriptor

- moved lot of production code related to ProjectInitDescriptors from groovy to java

- didn't merge the ProjectInitDescriptor and TemplateOperation but ProjectInitDescriptor now extends TemplateOperation. feels more natural to me than merging them into one interface

- added back languageProjectInitDescriptor for dealing with basic language related ProjectInitDescriptors

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