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REVIEW-3373: Add back BuildTypeID specific ProjectInitDescriptors

- ProjectDescriptorRegistryFactory should not now about InitDescriptor details. Moved the details into the BuildType related ProjectInitDescriptor

- moved lot of production code related to ProjectInitDescriptors from groovy to java

- didn't merge the ProjectInitDescriptor and TemplateOperation but ProjectInitDescriptor now extends TemplateOperation. feels more natural to me than merging them into one interface

- added back languageProjectInitDescriptor for dealing with basic language related ProjectInitDescriptors

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Some changes on build init types based on REVIEW-3243 - start composing different init descriptors - seperate init ids from descriptors - move file generation into seperate util class for better testing

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Some more renamings in former build-setup subproject - rename build-setup plugin to build-init - rename ProjectSetupDescriptor interface to ProjectInitDescriptor - renamed buildSetup gradle subproject to buildInit

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