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Notify about changing outputs early

We can do this as soon as we've decided that the outputs will change, i.e. when we already know that we can't entirely skip executing the work. This removes some duplicate code, too.

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Execution engine shouldn't be concerned about null outputs

These should be filtered out already.

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Visit local state for CacheableEntity only and other name polish

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Use a more direct visitor

This avoids having to create a bunch of object instances when we are caching and stuff.

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Do caching in the new executer

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Fix test

Revert commented out test code

Remove remaining task-related utils class

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Rename property -> tree and avoid using output in names

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Remove last references to tasks

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Move build cache packaging and execution to build-cache-packaging

With this change the build cache becomes independent of tasks, so that in future it can be used to cache things like artifact transforms and Kotlin build scripts via a unified interface.

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