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Cache resources in caching classloader

This is especially important for looking up plugin descriptors

for missing plugins. For instance, in a build with 100 projects

which all call `plugins.withId('foo')`, the plugin descriptor for

the 'foo' plugin would be looked up 100 times, because each project

could potentially contain it. Every one of those lookups will usually hit

the same classloader (if all dependencies are defined in the root project).

Caching those lookups improves configuration time a lot in those cases.

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classloader caching - hashCode/equals for some CL impls

Added hashCode/equals implementation for CachingClassLoader and MultiParentClassLoader. This way caching of the classloaders works correctly. Without this, there are lots of cache misses due to parent classloader not matching.

+review REVIEW-5219

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Added a ClassLoaderSpec that describes a ClassLoader structure in a way that allows the structure to be recreated in another process (e.g. in the tooling api provider in the client process).

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Moved some classes from core to baseServices.

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