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Fix setter selection in presence of multiple setters (#2386)

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Removed some indirection.

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Moved ObjectInstantiationException to public API

This avoids leaking an internal exception type through the

ObjectFactory.newInstance API.

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Fixed handling for setters that return non-void types.

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Reused the property detection logic that is used for object decoration and task annotation handling also for determining whether a convention mapping can be applied to a decorated object.

The logic is shared but the actual work isn't shared, so this inspection can happen several times per decorated type (but no more than once per build).

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Use the same logic to decide whether a method is a property getter or not when decorating a task and when processing the annotations attached to the task's properties, so that this behaviour is consistent.

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Remove guava from worker process path

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Replaced all direct usages of `DependencyInjectingInstantiator` with a global `InstantiatorFactory` service.

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Use a consistent chain of exceptions on failure to create an instance of the action implementation, for worker actions, artifact transforms, attribute compatibility rules, attribute disambiguation rules and metadata supplier rules.

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Replace `TypeToken<T>` by `ModelType<T>` in `TypeOf<T>`

And introduce `TypeOf.Visitor`.

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Add coverage for Types.getGenericSimpleName(Type)

And fix basic wildcard type case, e.g. List<?>

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Allow extension public types to be specified via “type token”

and by being so, faithfully represent generic types.

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Avoid usage of `EqualsBuilder`

Calling `getGenericParameterTypes` is very expensive, and usage of `EqualsBuilder` implies calling the methods

even if they shouldn't be. This reworks the algorithm to avoid use of equals builder, and also changes the

generated hash code to use parameter types instead of generic parameter types.

This shaves a few ms for cold daemon startup (first use case, or `--no-daemon`).

Remove logging as it doesn't bring much value and log4j is not always available

There was an error in `buildSrc` compilation for some performance tests due to missing log4j dependency.

Signed-off-by: Cedric Champeau <>

Avoid the creation of a `Factory<T>` for each call to `get`

Rework the reflection cache

The reflection cache is now safer, because we use a hierarchical cache where

the node entries are weakly referenced `Class` instances. Typically the first

level of the cache would be the receiver, while lower levels would be the

argument types. If those types are collected, the weak hash maps that we use

internally would automatically clean the entries. Eventually, the value associated

with this "path" of `Class` itself references a `Method` or a `Constructor`

with additional, computed, data.

The advantage of this approach is that typically for the instantiator case,

we no longer need to match the argument types (`isMatch`) for each call: instead,

we go through the tree using subsequent argument types, and if a match is found,

we know it's the right one.

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Attempt to implement faster `stat` using JDK 7 attributes

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Reuse the same infrastructure for cached constructors and cached methods

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Fix GC possibly collecting cached entries when using only weak references: values need to be validated

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Do not wrap values in `WeakReference`

It's not the cache which should wrap values into weak references, but the value itself that should

do whatever is necessary to avoid the `Class` from being un-collectable.

Small optimization : wrapped types need not be wrapped into weak references since they will never be collected

Fix unit test

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Re-use the same infrastructure for `DirectInstantiator` and `MapNotationConverter` caches

This makes the cache in `MapNotationConverter` thread-safe. It's not yet externalized though.

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Make `CachedConstructor` safer by wrapping parameter types in `WeakReferences`

Impact on performance is yet to be checked...

Fix initial match not found in service registry candidate list

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Slightly optimize `DirectInstantiator`

This commit reworks the direct instantiator cache, by avoiding to recompute the parameter types of the

constructor each time, as well as wrapped parameter types. The reason is that `getParameterTypes` clones

the underlying parameter type array, which creates garbage immediately collected, for each constructor

we test, for each instantiation.

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Remove unnecessary parameter

+review REVIEW-6090

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Move type hierarchy walker to `base-services`

We'll need it in other places, too.

+review REVIEW-5989

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Move `PropertyAccessorType` to `base-services`

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