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Convert to multi-project build in preparation to adding new modules

See #304

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@Inject KotlinScriptPluginFactory

Tighten exported API

This commit adds `internal` or `private` to internal members

The only exported API that includes Gradle internals is now in .provider

See #209

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Dedupe script classpath computation

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- Normalise placement of `private`, `protected`, `internal` and

`inline` modifiers

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Favor `<expr>.run { ... }` over `with (<expr>) { ... }`

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Polish top-level definitions, parameter lists and exceptions

* Separate top-level definitions by two lines

* Segregate visibility modifier of top-level definition to

its own line

* Prefer starting long parameter lists at the next line (more

sustainable in face of method renames)

* Remove unnecessary `Exception` suffix from class names

* Remove unnecessary prefixes from field names

* Use better name for exception variables

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Support the `plugins` block :tada:

We use a new type - `KotlinPluginDependenciesHandler` - as the target

for the top-level plugins block instead of the core type

`PluginDependenciesSpec` so we can annotate it with a `@DslMarker`

annotation - `@BuildScriptBlockMarker` - in the hopes that once IntelliJ

starts recognising it, the code completion experience will be better.

Better documentation comments and validation will come in subsequent


See #186

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Cache compiled scripts

- Introduce CachingKotlinCompiler

- Add compilation ClassPath (as ClassLoader) to cache key

- Add version number to script cache

- Honor `--recompile-scripts`

- Report compilation progress

Resolves #31

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Generate Action<T> extensions at runtime

This ensures the generated extensions match the Gradle API being used by

the build script.

See: #117

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Compile scripts against generated Kotlin API jar

We would like Kotlin build scripts to behave as if all the `Action<T>`

parameters in the Gradle API had been declared as `T.() -> Unit` to

avoid the need for explicitly qualifying the single argument to the

given lambda expressions with `it`.

In other words, we would like users to be writing code like:

copySpec {




Instead of:

copySpec {




Where `copySpec` is declared in the Gradle Java API as:

CopySpec copySpec(Action<? super CopySpec> configuration)

So far we have been able to avoid the qualifying `it` in some situations

via mindful use of inheritance and Kotlin extensions but a comprehensive

solution was still lacking. The underlying issue is that while Kotlin

does provide a type extension mechanism, type members still take

precedence over extensions and currently there's no mechanism to

instruct Kotlin otherwise.

In the future we might be able to implement a different solution to this

particular issue via a new Kotlin language feature still in discussion:

- https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-12848

In the meantime, by giving the Kotlin compiler a carefully crafted API

jar with all members that could potentially conflict with our provided

extensions removed we can work around the fact that interface members

take precedence over extension members and expose all the extensions we


And that is the solution implemented in this commit:

- Remove all API methods that take a last `Action<T>` parameter

- Generate shim extensions that take a last `T.() -> Unit`

Proper treatment for generic types will be implemented in a future


Resolves: #52

See also: #54, #117

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Polish `KotlinScriptPluginFactory`

Extract explaining methods

Compile against generated Gradle API jar

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Only apply `classpath` mode to top level scripts

Otherwise Groovy scripts that rely on the execution of Kotlin scripts

will be broken (such as our own build).

See #97

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Ignore compilation errors when serving classpath

Resolves #97

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Upgrade to Kotlin 1.1-M01 :tada:

Resolves #98

Resolves #93

Resolves #92

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Use isolated ClassLoader for Kotlin jars

Due to the lack of isolation between gradle-script-kotlin and the

compiled buildscript(s), referenced Kotlin types could leak into

different ClassLoader scopes causing all sorts of loader constraint

violations. That lack of isolation also meant that only the specific

version of Kotlin shipped with gsk could ever be used.

This commit mitigates these limitations by subverting the ClassLoader

delegation model when Kotlin jars are detected in the buildscript

classpath. In that case, all jars in the script classpath together with

the Kotlin jars are segregated into a ClassLoader that will first try to

load classes locally before delegating to its parent from the

ClassLoader scope hierarchy.

This solution is only a stepping stone and comes with its own set of

limitations, buildscript block and script body cannot exchange Kotlin

library values for one. A better solution will demand more isolation

between gradle-script-kotlin and core.

Resolves #84

Resolves #86

Resolves #25

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Include buildSrc outputs in script model classpath

See #92

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Polish `KotlinScriptPluginFactory`

Add `buildSrc` output to the compilation classpath

See #38

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Add implicit imports to `buildscript` blocks

By reusing `GradleKotlinScriptDependenciesResolver` for `buildscript`

block compilation.

Resolves #90

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Polish Kotlin sources

- Add Apache license header where missing

- Replace wildcard imports with individual imports

- Organize import statements

- Wrap code at 120 chars

- Wrap KDoc at 90 chars

- Eliminate newlines between KDoc tags

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Merge branch 'master' into refactor-buildscript-handling

# Conflicts:

# src/main/kotlin/org/gradle/script/lang/kotlin/KotlinBuildScript.kt

# src/main/kotlin/org/gradle/script/lang/kotlin/provider/KotlinScriptPluginFactory.kt

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Support plugin application

- export script classpath directly to target ClassLoaderScope

- set context ClassLoader around script execution to mimic Groovy behaviour

- support configuring buildscript repositories

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Fix buildscript classpath computation after Kotlin update

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Merge branch 'master' into refactor-buildscript-handling

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Load script class in a child ClassLoader of the buildscript ClassLoader

See #63

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Support for `buildscript` section (wip)

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Implement prototype of script def based on annotated base class

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Attempt to reproduce 'loader constraint violation'

This is a work in progress attempt at reproducing the 'loader constraint

violation' observed when defining the following task:

task<Zip>("repackageKotlinCompilerEmbeddable") {

baseName = "kotlin-compiler-embeddable"

version = "${kotlinVersion}a"

extension = "jar"

entryCompression = ZipEntryCompression.STORED

from(Callable {

val files = configurations.getByName("compile").files

zipTree(files.single { it.name.startsWith(baseName) })



destinationDir = buildDir

description = "Repackages '$baseName:$version' to remove broken META-INF/services files"


Which caused the following error:

loader constraint violation: when resolving method




the class loader (instance of

org/jetbrains/kotlin/codegen/GeneratedClassLoader) of the current

class, Build_gradle, and the class loader (instance of

org/gradle/internal/classloader/MutableURLClassLoader) for the method's

defining class, org/gradle/script/lang/kotlin/ProjectExtensionsKt, have

different Class objects for the type kotlin/reflect/KClass used in the


See #25

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