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Convert to multi-project build in preparation to adding new modules

See #304

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Compiler supports ScriptSource with no backing file

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Add compilation classpath to script cache key

This is so changes to the now globally cached

`gradle-script-kotlin-accessors.jar` jars are taken into account.

This is necessary because:

- `gradle-script-kotlin-accessors.jar` is cached based only on the

project schema (the set of extensions and conventions paired with

their types)

- type names generated by the Kotlin compiler are not deterministic

Tighten exported API

This commit adds `internal` or `private` to internal members

The only exported API that includes Gradle internals is now in .provider

See #209

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Reuse implicit imports provided by Gradle and add Kotlin specifics

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Unify handling of JIT and AOT project accessors

This is the first step toward fixing #340.

Resolves #338

Resolves #339

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Extract cache properties to field

- Makes it easier to find it

- Avoids recreating the map on every query to the cache

Bump cache version due to the latest API changes


- Normalise placement of `private`, `protected`, `internal` and

`inline` modifiers

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Report correct location for `buildscript` block compilation errors

And for `plugins` block compilation errors.

Resolves #177

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Improve logging behaviour

- Make compiler messages format closer to Kotlin's

- Format messages only if the will be logged

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Create script ClassLoader via ClassLoaderScope

Resolves #171

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Require non-empty source file list for cache key

Polish `CachingKotlinCompiler`

Make generated accessors visible to KotlinBuildScriptModel clients

See #234

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Move away from deprecated `ref.javaClass` to ``

See #264

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Generate accessors for project extensions during `buildSrc` build

See: #229, #230, #231, #232, #233

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Normalise line separators before attempting to lex the script

Resolves: #207, #227

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Remove no longer necessary `KotlinRepositoryHandler`

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:arrow_up: Kotlin 1.1-M04 :tada:

See #211

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Polish top-level definitions, parameter lists and exceptions

* Separate top-level definitions by two lines

* Segregate visibility modifier of top-level definition to

its own line

* Prefer starting long parameter lists at the next line (more

sustainable in face of method renames)

* Remove unnecessary `Exception` suffix from class names

* Remove unnecessary prefixes from field names

* Use better name for exception variables

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Support the `plugins` block :tada:

We use a new type - `KotlinPluginDependenciesHandler` - as the target

for the top-level plugins block instead of the core type

`PluginDependenciesSpec` so we can annotate it with a `@DslMarker`

annotation - `@BuildScriptBlockMarker` - in the hopes that once IntelliJ

starts recognising it, the code completion experience will be better.

Better documentation comments and validation will come in subsequent


See #186

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Polish script dependency resolution code

* Remove deprecated support for Kotlin IDEA 1.1-M01

* Pass script file path all the way down to the model builder in

preparation for better multi-project classpath computation

See #130

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Remove ScriptTemplateDefinition annotation from KotlinBuildscriptBlock

To avoid confusing IDEs that rely on that information to decide what's

the correct template definition for a script based on its file name pattern.

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Preserve build script file name in cached classes

See #172

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Bump version of the cache

Due to incompatible base class changes.

Refer to buildscript *blocks* instead of *sections*

And consistenly use a lower-case `s` in the middle of the word when

referring to just the block and an upper-case `S` when referring to the

script file as a whole.

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Change logging level from info to debug

To avoid cluttering the info level.

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Polish CachingKotlinCompiler

Cache compiled scripts

- Introduce CachingKotlinCompiler

- Add compilation ClassPath (as ClassLoader) to cache key

- Add version number to script cache

- Honor `--recompile-scripts`

- Report compilation progress

Resolves #31

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