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Handle `HasImplicitReceiver` annotation via Kotlin compiler plugin

See #155

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Polish top-level definitions, parameter lists and exceptions

* Separate top-level definitions by two lines

* Segregate visibility modifier of top-level definition to

its own line

* Prefer starting long parameter lists at the next line (more

sustainable in face of method renames)

* Remove unnecessary `Exception` suffix from class names

* Remove unnecessary prefixes from field names

* Use better name for exception variables

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Revert back to using method references after upgrade

The compiler errors were just a side-effect of using the dev version of

the compiler with the 1.1-M01 runtime.

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Upgrade to Kotlin 1.1-M02 :tada:

Resolves #164

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Report API jar generation progress

Resolves #116

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Extract `ApiJar` and `ApiExtensionsJar` modules

See: #117

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