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Handle `HasImplicitReceiver` annotation via Kotlin compiler plugin

See #155

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Polish top-level definitions, parameter lists and exceptions

* Separate top-level definitions by two lines

* Segregate visibility modifier of top-level definition to

its own line

* Prefer starting long parameter lists at the next line (more

sustainable in face of method renames)

* Remove unnecessary `Exception` suffix from class names

* Remove unnecessary prefixes from field names

* Use better name for exception variables

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Emit extensions with explicit type arguments in member invocation

To avoid any ambiguities in Kotlin's type inference.

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Generate builtin plugin id extensions

See #168

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Revert back to using method references after upgrade

The compiler errors were just a side-effect of using the dev version of

the compiler with the 1.1-M01 runtime.

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Upgrade to Kotlin 1.1-M02 :tada:

Resolves #164

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Import java.lang exceptions for compatibility with Kotlin plugin

Version 1.1.0-dev-3687

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Add notice to each generated extension

See: #117

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Support navigating to generated extensions sources

See #117

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Move codegen code to main source set

Mainly to work around a loader constraint violation that appeared when

updating to the latest snapshot.

In the long run it makes sense to have the code available in the

distribution for when we implement code generation at the project site.

Temporarily disable Kotlin API generation until the Action extensions

can be generated again.

Temporarily disable checking the `copy` sample until the Action

extensions are available.

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