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Convert to multi-project build in preparation to adding new modules

See #304

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Polish `KotlinBuildScript`

- Move `#apply` to `ProjectExtensions`

- Move `GradleDsl` to its own file

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Compiler supports ScriptSource with no backing file

Add support for `PropertyState` delegated properties

And `ConfigurableFileCollection` as well.

See #344

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Document commonly used extensions

Polish build script base classes

Describe NamedDomainObjectContainerScope, NamedDomainObjectContainerDelegateProvider and PolymorphicDomainObjectContainerDelegateProvider

Rename `KotlinScriptHandler => ScriptHandlerScope`

Rename `KotlinPluginDependenciesHandler => PluginDependenciesSpecScope`

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Describe `ClientModuleScope`

Rename `KotlinDependencyHandler => DependencyHandlerScope`

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Rename `BuildScriptBlockMarker => GradleDsl`

Add compilation classpath to script cache key

This is so changes to the now globally cached

`gradle-script-kotlin-accessors.jar` jars are taken into account.

This is necessary because:

- `gradle-script-kotlin-accessors.jar` is cached based only on the

project schema (the set of extensions and conventions paired with

their types)

- type names generated by the Kotlin compiler are not deterministic


Cache accessors globally

See #340

Add missing license header

Move from ScriptPluginFactoryProvider SPI to ScriptingLanguage SPI

See #37

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@Inject KotlinScriptPluginFactory

Explicit return types

On members for which such explicitness is required by dokka

Tighten exported API

This commit adds `internal` or `private` to internal members

The only exported API that includes Gradle internals is now in .provider

See #209

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Reuse implicit imports provided by Gradle and add Kotlin specifics

Add source dir of generated project accessors to script source path

Enables navigation to the sources and quick documentation access.

See #281

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Unclutter resolver log output

- Print each property on its own line

- Use a more compact representation for path and namespace lists

- Make log file name order predictable

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Integration test samples

See #345

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Move source path computation to the server side

See #281

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Dedupe script classpath computation

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Unify handling of JIT and AOT project accessors

This is the first step toward fixing #340.

Resolves #338

Resolves #339

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Polish `KotlinScriptRootPlugin`

Extract cache properties to field

- Makes it easier to find it

- Avoids recreating the map on every query to the cache