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Created subproject for generating the documentation. Removed exploded dist creation. Configure the archives at configuration time not at runtime.

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- Updated the documentation of the convention mapping for each task in the java plugin, and some of the groovy plugin - Updated the 'using plugins' chapter. - Other userguide tidy-ups

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Added more stuff to the 'working with files' chapter

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- Finished up the code quality chapter - Documented source set properties - Other userguide bits and pieces - Added more trace to the pdf generation

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- Allow partial task name to be specified on the command-line - Allow camel-case abbreviations for task name to be specified on the command-line (eg gradle exDB for explodedDistBase or compTest for compileTests) - Rearranged the build failure message that gets logged - Added ErrorHandlingIvyService, which wraps all failures from the IvyService in a contextualising exception. - Added special case build failure message for 'unknown task' type failures.

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- Added some userguide coverage for FileTree - Allow FileTrees to be used as the source of a copy action. - Extracted visiting out of CopyActionImpl to FileTree - Moved FileVisitor to o.g.api.file package - Allows a FileVisitor to cancel the traversal. - Moved globalExcludes from CopyActionImpl to PatternSet. Now applies to all files scanning - Changed globalExcludes to use the same set of excludes as Ant - Removed DefaultFileCollection - Changed AbstractArchiveTask.files() to accept Object and resolve as per Project.files() - Changed *FileSet to not fail if baseDir does not exist.

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- Added a first cut at a chapter describing how to work with files - Added FileCollection.asType() to allow the 'as' keyword to be used with file collections. - Introduced ConfigurableFileTree interface, and replaced Project.fileSet() with fileTree() - Renamed FileSet.dir to baseDir - Changed a bunch of places to use Project.fileTree() rather than new FileSet().

git-svn-id: 004c2c75-fc45-0410-b1a2-da8352e2331b

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