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Created subproject for generating the documentation. Removed exploded dist creation. Configure the archives at configuration time not at runtime.

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- Some userguide updates for plugin tasks, project layout and source sets - Added/updated copyright header in userguide does. - Some tweaks to samples

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Added coverage for file dependencies, and moved some content around.

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GRADLE-516 Documentation - better titles for examples & list of examples. Patch supplied by Tomek Kaczanowski.

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Use a consistent case for section and chapter titles.

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- Extracted some code out of the userguide into samples - Added some more details about project properties

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Filled out some of the missing bits of the jetty and project report plugin chapters.

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- Use a standard layout for each of the plugin chapters - Updated the missing features section - Some userguide styling changes

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- Added placeholder chapters for web app quickstart and project reports plugin. - Updated the tasks, source dirs, and convention properties documented in the plugin chapters. - Misc. other changes.

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- converted 'getting started' source to docbook and included it as a chapter in the userguide (in addition to a standalone page in the dist and a page on the website) - rearranged the layout of dist docs dir - moved stylesheets out of src/docs/userguide - some minor content edits

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- Use groovy instead of xslt to transform custom elements and tidy-up userguide source. - Changed <sample> element to better describe the samples.

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- fixed up some formatting wierdness in userguide source - added <apilink> element to generate links to the javadocs - removed latex userguide source and tasks

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- converted LaTeX source to docbook - changed nightly build to upload userguide - some tweaks to generated html

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