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Move all subprojects to the `subprojects` directory

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Merge pull request #882 from gradle/bamboo/develop/script-plugin-classpath

Provide correct classpath for script plugins with buildscript blocks

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Skip the script body when computing the classpath of a script plugin

The body of script plugins will still be executed when they are

applied from other scripts as they might affect the classpath of the

applying script.

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Extract `withTestDaemon`

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Prefer collection pipeline implementation in fixture

Detangle project source roots matching fixture

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Source sets and project dependencies in buildSrc source roots

A BuildSrcProjectConfiguration action creates a task that generates a

text file containing the source roots for the root buildSrc project and

all its runtime project dependencies.

This allows for correct buildSrc source roots resolution when editing

kotlin settings or build scripts in the presence of a multi-project

buildSrc build.

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lint: missing new line before ")"

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lint: apply blank lines rule

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Serve the correct editor classpath for init scripts

Init scripts only see the core Gradle Kotlin DSL classpath (Gradle API + Kotlin

DSL API) and whatever is contributed to the `initscript` classpath


See #663

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Extract superclass for `KotlinBuildScriptModel` integration tests

And extract integration test for `settings.gradle.kts` classpath to

separate class.

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