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Move all subprojects to the `subprojects` directory

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Simplify splitting :provider into :provider-plugins

by letting :provider-plugins depend directly on :provider

and removing :provider-spi

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <paul@gradle.com>

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Move embedded plugins to the Gradle Plugins classloader

by moving them to the :provider-plugins project

and adding 2 SPI interfaces in order to share code with :provider

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <paul@gradle.com>

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Detect internal Kotlin types and mark them inaccessible

By deserializing the Kotlin `ProtoBuf.Class` information stored in the

`kotlin.Metadata` annotation. This is done only for public classes for

performance reasons.

Fixes #856

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Move ProjectSchema calculation into Gradle plugins classloader

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Merge branch 'develop' into eskatos/extensions/generics

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Remove now duplicate typeOf() declaration from tests

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Generate compilable accessors in face of type erasure

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Allow primitive types in extension accessors

See #416

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