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Move all subprojects to the `subprojects` directory

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Remove kotlin extension from wrong type

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Merge pull request #771 from gradle/eskatos/properties/unify-delegated-properties

Unify delegated properties for Gradle/Project and Extra properties

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Introduce Project.task() overload for injected task ctor arguments

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Unify access to Gradle/Project property via Kotlin delegated property

by making them available on both Project and Settings and allowing to

model optional properties as nullable delegated properties

and adding coverage for Gradle properties overriding mechanisms

(build, user home, command line) and mutation (Project.setProperty()).

allowing typed delegated properties on Project is a breaking change as a

type declaration is now required

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the<T>() and configure<T>() allow generic queries

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Enable project property delegation in any context

Fixes #535

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Rename base package to org.gradle.kotlin.dsl

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