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Address review comments

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Normalize `inline` modifier layout

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Don't move inline method implementation to new API before new release

Extract `Convention.findPlugin<T>()` and `findPlugin(KClass)`

Polish `KotlinScriptPluginFactory`

- Keep one argument per line in multi-line calls

Reuse `KotlinScriptType` in `ScriptPlugin`

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Extract `KotlinScriptType` from `KotlinBuildScriptModelBuilder`

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Fix ResolverEventLogger thread leak

by letting the logging thread die when no events to process for a while

and restarting it when required

One event might hang in the queue if it arrives after q.poll()

has returned null and before the consumer thread death.

In this case, the next event will flush the queue to disk.

Hardcode 'build' on both sides of buildSrc source roots resolution

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Location aware exceptions for script evaluation errors

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Fix buildSrc classpath invalidation between regular and ide modes

Previous implementation using a file added to buildSrc jar was a bad

idea, it would have invalidated the buildSrc classpath each time build

executions switch between regular and ide modes.

Put the file under `buildSrc/build` instead.

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KotlinDslProviderMode is internal

Short circuit buildSrc source roots action when not in classpath mode

in order not to impact all other build executions

by extracting classpath mode switch to its own type

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Source sets and project dependencies in buildSrc source roots

A BuildSrcProjectConfiguration action creates a task that generates a

text file containing the source roots for the root buildSrc project and

all its runtime project dependencies.

This allows for correct buildSrc source roots resolution when editing

kotlin settings or build scripts in the presence of a multi-project

buildSrc build.

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Add invoke operator fun on Spec

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Add ContentFilterable.filter<T>() kotlin extensions

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Add kotlin extension tasks.create<T>(name: String, vararg args: Any): T

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Remove kotlin extension from wrong type

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Merge pull request #771 from gradle/eskatos/properties/unify-delegated-properties

Unify delegated properties for Gradle/Project and Extra properties

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Make return type explicit

Simplify `NonNullExtraPropertyDelegate.getValue`

Polish `PropertyDelegate`

- Make field layout consistent with the other `PropertyDelegate`


- Remove unnecessary `return`

Polish PropertyDelegate

Rename private types for clarity

Let propertyDelegateFor() body be a single expression

Unify PropertyDelegate and ExtraPropertyDelegate

as PropertyDelegate and MutablePropertyDelegate : PropertyDelegate

Rename receiver parameter for consistency

Rename receiver parameter for consistency

Extract property delegate type for typed extra properties

to remove access to KProperty::returnType.isMarkedNullable on each

extra property access

Introduce Project.task() overload for injected task ctor arguments

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Precompute dynamic property delegate to minimize overhead

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Unify access to extra property via Kotlin delegated property

by making the property delegate implementation the same as for

Gradle/Project properties.

and adding some coverage

this is not a breaking change

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