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Move all subprojects to the `subprojects` directory

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Hardcode 'build' on both sides of buildSrc source roots resolution

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Fix buildSrc classpath invalidation between regular and ide modes

Previous implementation using a file added to buildSrc jar was a bad

idea, it would have invalidated the buildSrc classpath each time build

executions switch between regular and ide modes.

Put the file under `buildSrc/build` instead.

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Source sets and project dependencies in buildSrc source roots

A BuildSrcProjectConfiguration action creates a task that generates a

text file containing the source roots for the root buildSrc project and

all its runtime project dependencies.

This allows for correct buildSrc source roots resolution when editing

kotlin settings or build scripts in the presence of a multi-project

buildSrc build.

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lint: missing new line before ")"

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lint: if/else omit braces only if single expression same line

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Polish `SourcePathProviderTest`

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Simplify `ExtractGradleSourcesTransform#sourceDirectories`

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Re-arrange imports

Use more functional style for source path provider

Renamed `downloadAndResolveSources` to `sourceDirs`

... and conform constant case to codebase standards

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Rename `SourceDistributionResolver` to `SourceDistributionProvider`

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Lazily download Gradle sources when they aren't available

This commit implements lazy download of Gradle sources when they are not available. Previously,

the Kotlin DSL expected the `all` distribution to be used to provide proper IDE support. If this

distribution wasn't used (typically with the wrapper), then navigating to sources wasn't possible.

With this commit, if the sources are not available, Gradle will do its best to download the zip

of sources and make it available.

It does so by creating a temporary configuration that is used to reference the Gradle sources,

which are then exploded through a dependency transform, so that the IDE can use them.

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Restore source navigation for Gradle sources

Has been broken since #561

Coverage included

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Rename base package to org.gradle.kotlin.dsl

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