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Move all subprojects to the `subprojects` directory

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Let Gradle distribution sources resolution be lenient in face of errors

Synthetic repository used for Gradle src resolution uses artifact sources

This prevent Gradle source resolution failures when GRADLE_METADATA

feature preview is enabled

Polish `SourceDistributionProvider`

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Implement smarter strategy to resolve sources

This commit changes the way we find sources, by only looking into the appropriate repository. If the

version is a released version, then we will only look into the `distributions` repository. If it's

a snapshot, then we will look into the `distributions-snapshot` repository.

However, it's possible that this project depends on a Kotlin DSL custom distribution for which the

sources haven't been published. So to make it possible to resolve, we use a version range, ending

with the current version, and starting with the previous minor.

Cosmetics: rearrange imports and fixup mocking

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Convert body into expression

Refactor configuration creation into its own function

Renamed `downloadAndResolveSources` to `sourceDirs`

... and conform constant case to codebase standards

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Rename `SourceDistributionResolver` to `SourceDistributionProvider`

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