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Move all subprojects to the `subprojects` directory

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Simplify splitting :provider into :provider-plugins

by letting :provider-plugins depend directly on :provider

and removing :provider-spi

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <paul@gradle.com>

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Deduplicate project.serviceOf<T>()

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <paul@gradle.com>

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Compute classpath of root scope last to improve cache locality

Avoid intermediate data structures when computing the classpath

Replace `computeIfAbsent` by `getOrPut`

For compatibility with Java 9 which doesn't support reentrancy.

Optimise compilation classpath computation

- By caching the complete compilation `ClassPath` per `ClassLoaderScope`

- And by caching each individual `ClassLoader` `ClassPath`

The caches are part of a build scoped service and so all

`ClassLoaderScope` and `ClassLoader` instances will be held until the

end of the build.

See #824

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Port `ClasspathUtil.getClasspath` to Kotlin

To prepare for caching.

Use DefaultClassPath factory method instead of now deprecated ctor

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Move `exportClassPathFromHierarchyOf` to `KotlinScriptClassPathProvider`

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lint: missing new line before ")"

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Remove dead code

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First cut of tapi model builders supporting settings.gradle.kts

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Revert all changes pertaining to plugins { script(..) } support


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private/internal vals for extensions jar cache id

See #424

Move the kotlin-dsl to the new PluginDependencySpec API

By using org.gradle.plugin.dsl.PluginDependenciesSpec

instead of org.gradle.plugin.use.PluginDependenciesSpec

See #424

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Polish `KotlinScriptClassPathProvider`

- Inline variable to avoid name shadowing warning

Rename base package to org.gradle.kotlin.dsl

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