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Merge pull request #885 from gradle/bamboo/fix-accessors-caching

Add generated accessors jar to the loaded script cache key

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Move all subprojects to the `subprojects` directory

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Merge pull request #882 from gradle/bamboo/develop/script-plugin-classpath

Provide correct classpath for script plugins with buildscript blocks

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Polish `KotlinScriptFactory`

- Organize imports

- Rename function for clarity

- Rename parameter for clarity

- Favor block form for `if` statement

Remove the now unnecessary `initScriptClassPathFor` function

And simplify `BuildscriptBlockEvaluator`.

Skip the script body when computing the classpath of a script plugin

The body of script plugins will still be executed when they are

applied from other scripts as they might affect the classpath of the

applying script.

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Extract lower-level `KotlinScriptFactory` service

So it can be used to evaluate standalone script plugins in order to

serve their compilation classpaths to the IDE.

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Remove unnecessary parameter from `KotlinScript` functional type

The target object is already captured in the `scriptTarget`.

Simplify splitting :provider into :provider-plugins

by letting :provider-plugins depend directly on :provider

and removing :provider-spi

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Deduplicate project.serviceOf<T>()

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Move embedded plugins to the Gradle Plugins classloader

by moving them to the :provider-plugins project

and adding 2 SPI interfaces in order to share code with :provider

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Polish `KotlinScriptBasePlugin.kt`

Compute buildscript block compilation classpath lazily

Introduce `unsafeLazy` to replace `lazy` wherever possible

And remove the unnecessary thread synchronization overhead.

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Compute classpath of root scope last to improve cache locality

Avoid intermediate data structures when computing the classpath

Replace `computeIfAbsent` by `getOrPut`

For compatibility with Java 9 which doesn't support reentrancy.

Optimise compilation classpath computation

- By caching the complete compilation `ClassPath` per `ClassLoaderScope`

- And by caching each individual `ClassLoader` `ClassPath`

The caches are part of a build scoped service and so all

`ClassLoaderScope` and `ClassLoader` instances will be held until the

end of the build.

See #824

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Port `ClasspathUtil.getClasspath` to Kotlin

To prepare for caching.

Remove unnecessary `ClassPath` union

`buildscriptBlockCompilationClassPath` is already implied by the

`targetScope` classpath.

Normalise line separators of strings given to the Kotlin lexer

Fixes #858

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Compute script compilation classpath from target `ClassLoaderScope`

Instead of `scriptHandler.scriptClassPath` so plugin implementations

coming from other loaders, as it is the case with plugins tested via

TestKit's `withPluginClasspath`, are also added to the compilation


See #492

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Process the `buildscript` block of settings script plugins

See #180

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Use DefaultClassPath factory method instead of now deprecated ctor

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Move `exportClassPathFromHierarchyOf` to `KotlinScriptClassPathProvider`

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Process the `buildscript` block of project script plugins

See #180

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Polish `KotlinBuildScriptCompiler`

- Split query from default value

Address review comments

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Polish `KotlinScriptPluginFactory`

- Keep one argument per line in multi-line calls

Location aware exceptions for script evaluation errors

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