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Move all subprojects to the `subprojects` directory

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Simplify splitting :provider into :provider-plugins

by letting :provider-plugins depend directly on :provider

and removing :provider-spi

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Generate accessors for conventions at the `Project` level only

Don't generate accessors for `SourceSet` conventions

We should instead migrate our `SourceSet` conventions to extensions

so we can provide a better and forward compatible DSL.

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Polish `DefaultProjectSchemaProvider`

- Compose methods

- Simplify `typeOf` declarations by making type declarations unnecessary

Convention instance types inference now skips synthetic types

instead of relying on the fragile name.endsWith("_Decorated")

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Factor TypeOf instances creation in :provider-plugins

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Infer public type of convention instances

via HasPublicType

or by undecorating instance class

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

ProjectSchema calculation consider all available source sets

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Move ProjectSchema calculation into Gradle plugins classloader

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