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Add link to precompiled script plugin from `Plugin<*>` adapter

Extract `KotlinDslCompilerPlugins` from `KotlinDslPlugin`

So it can be used separately.

Polish `PrecompiledScriptPlugins`

Remove unnecessary laziness of `ScriptPlugin` list

Remove usages of TestKit internals

Gradle JVM arguments can be set using a file

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Reuse `joinLines` extension

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Introduce `integ-tests` project

And make generated code follow the kotlin-dsl coding conventions.

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Polish `PrecompiledScriptPlugin`

- Inline unnecessary variable

Polish `PrecompiledScriptPluginTest`

Normalize `inline` modifier layout

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Propagate exception thrown by precompiled script plugin unwrapped

Make `scriptFile` private

Reuse `KotlinScriptType` in `ScriptPlugin`

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Polish `PrecompiledScriptPlugins`

Query file only once.

Preserve package declaration in script plugin adapter

Polish `ScriptPlugin`

Dedupe file extension based logic.

Protect `implementationClass` against invalid identifier characters

Add support for precompiled `Gradle` plugins

Add support for precompiled `Settings` plugins

Mark offending test with @LeaksFileHandles

Make precompiled script plugins publishable via `maven-publish`

By populating `gradlePlugin.plugins` eagerly.

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Produce `List<ScriptPlugin>` lazyly

Only exposes script plugins from `pluginSourceSet`

Fix typo

Expose precompiled scripts as Gradle plugins

The Gradle plugin id is derived from the script file name and its

package declaration if any.

The implementation is currently limited to scripts under

`src/main/kotlin`. Future commits will lift this restriction.

See #669

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Let the embedded kotlin repository be registered with artifacts only

allowing to use it when GRADLE_METADATA feature preview is enabled

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Expose implicit imports to precompiled scripts

By encoding the list of implicit imports directly in the compiler arguments.


- Extract the `PrecompiledScriptPlugins` plugin from the `kotlin-dsl`

plugin so it can be applied independently of `kotlin-dsl` until all

cacheability issues have been sorted out.

- Remove implicit imports handling from

`KotlinBuildScriptDependenciesResolver` as it's now handled by


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Fix PrecompiledScriptPluginTest compilation

lint modified files after merging develop

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Merge branch 'develop' into eskatos/build/ktlint-convention

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