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Attempt to fix PermGen space leaks with Ant/CodeNarc

+review REVIEW-5606

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Increase MaxPermSize for GroovyCompile tasks * was still using the default * Groovy 2.4 seem to require a bit more PermGen to compile classes

+review REVIEW-5598

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Prepare for build with Gradle 2.0.

Compile task -> JavaCompile.

More strict checks for file name matching to class name.

Disable NoWildCardImport rule in codenarc.

Methods with the same name and different modifier are discouraged in Groovy 2.3.

TaskContainer.add() -> create().

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Disable the Java 7 warning about building against a newer rt.jar than the target platform.

Gets rid of: “warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.5”

Some build script tidy-ups

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fixed Gradle deprecation warnings in build

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Force java and groovy source encoding to UTF-8

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