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Compile with Java 7 when available

In order to improve caching between builds we should

always compile with Java 7. This enables warming the cache

by the sanity check build and improves cacheablility of

subsequent builds in the commit phase running with Java 8.

+review REVIEW-6378

Temporarily increase the PermGen size, so that we can build a version of Gradle with the fix.

+review REVIEW-5606

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Fix classes from the Gradle classloader which accidently had ClassInfo removed

+review REVIEW-5606

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Rework broken memory leak prevention system * migrate DefaultIsolatedAntBuilder to Java * implement memory sensitive caching of classloaders * implement cleaning strategy based on which classloader leak into what other classloader * there were classes from Gradle leaking into the isolated builder too

+review REVIEW-5606

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Attempt to fix PermGen space leaks with Ant/CodeNarc

+review REVIEW-5606

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Increase MaxPermSize for GroovyCompile tasks * was still using the default * Groovy 2.4 seem to require a bit more PermGen to compile classes

+review REVIEW-5598

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Prepare for build with Gradle 2.0.

Compile task -> JavaCompile.

More strict checks for file name matching to class name.

Disable NoWildCardImport rule in codenarc.

Methods with the same name and different modifier are discouraged in Groovy 2.3.

TaskContainer.add() -> create().

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Disable the Java 7 warning about building against a newer rt.jar than the target platform.

Gets rid of: “warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.5”

Some build script tidy-ups

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fixed Gradle deprecation warnings in build

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Force java and groovy source encoding to UTF-8

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