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Migrated buildscan configuration to Kotlin.

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Convert `ciReporting` to Gradle

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Run Git commands in project directory

This makes sure the Git status reported to build scans belongs to the Gradle clone being built. Previously we'd take the Git status of the directory the build tool was invoked in.

Do not always publish a build scan for process cleanup step on CI

Fix links to reports in build scans for CI builds

Revert "Merge branch 'release' of into release"

This reverts commit 9b844f185f94648a3a156ff69046cb548cc086d3, reversing

changes made to 145fe5537d200d4b01f069accab98dff3e227df4.

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Categorize build failure in scans

Fix collecting commit ID for build scan on CI.

Avoid forking `git` for build scan values on the project configuration thread.

Instead, fork a new thread. This saves about 200ms of configuration time.

Gather custom values for buildSrc, too

In order to make this work one needs to enter

`buildSrc` and run ../gradlew -u build.

+review REVIEW-6482

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Disable push on AbstractBuildCache by default

+review REVIEW-6450

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Replace `\` by `/` in reportPath in build scans

That is necessary for Windows

Only parse code quality xml file if it exists

Publish code quality failures in build scan

I needed to enable the xml report for CodeNarc for retrieving failures

from there.

Moreover, I fixed the URL for the build scan links to code quality


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Add TC build name to build scan tags

Add init script for all task cache diagnostics

This can be used from third party builds.

+review REVIEW-6366

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Split custom values for cache diagnostics in own file

This makes it possible to use it from an init script

+review REVIEW-6366

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Add branch name to build scan

Fix URL to Gradle github source

Revert "Testing theory"

This reverts commit b83c91bdff667976d72e73c22948189c5dc23dfa.

Testing theory

compileTestGroovy runs after changing the init script?

Add more path information to debug task output cache

When we compile test groovy, we sometimes do not pull from the cache

as expected.

Add :launcher:compileTestFixturesGroovy to Task Cache investigation

+review REVIEW-6320

Add :core:compileTestGroovy to task cache investigation

Add build scan data from master to release branch

To disable `-Dscan` in TC.

+review REVIEW-6320

Send build scans for `verifyTestFilesCleanup` only on failure

+review REVIEW-6320

Send null custom values too, but as 'null'

+review REVIEW-6320

Only send non-null custom value to build scan

The build scan cannot be opened if the value is null.

+review REVIEW-6320

Add all inputs as custom data

+review REVIEW-6320

Add custom values to investigate code quality tasks

+review REVIEW-6320