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Remove design-docs folder

This has turned into a graveyard for ideas. It only serves

to confuse people at this point. We have found it more productive

to either

- use GitHub Epics and issues for smaller design questions

- use Google Docs for larger topics (e.g. native publishing)

These documents quickly go out of date once a feature is implemented.

They are not a replacement for good user and code documentation.

Many of the documents are about features that we never ended up

implementing. Having those documents still around might lock us

into a certain way of thinking about a problem. Instead we should

have a fresh look at it when we actually want to start working on it.

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Remove some some duplicated words from gradle

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Update from feedback

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Update composite task execution spec

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Update README.md

fix formatting

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Add some possible solution ideas

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initial details for task execution in a composite

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Use doLast instead of left shift operator in specs and Gradle build

+review REVIEW-6236

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Design document for resource filtering in Eclipse

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Make daemon state visible in the registry

+review REVIEW-6160

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Flesh out design doc for ctrl-c cancels build rather than stopping the daemon.

+review REVIEW-6160

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Tick covered test cases in design docs

Hide test suites by default and add new task options to show them


hides both test suites and non-buildables

dependentComponents --all

shows both test suites and non-buildables

dependentComponents --test-suites

shows test suites

dependentComponents --non-buildables

shows non-buildables

Coverage included.

+review REVIEW-6116

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Update design docs with test suites hidden by default and new task options

+review REVIEW-6116

Design doc for reserving heap from cache use

+review REVIEW-6098

Split components check ability story in two

Binaries first, then components

And some minor fixes in the design doc

Update the code blocks to gradle syntax.

Move the M2 design doc to the repo.

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Refine components checkability story in design doc

Build dependent components design doc

Add open question in dependent-components-report design doc

dependentComponents task fails when given component is not found

+review REVIEW-6065

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Add coverage around circular dependencies for dependentComponents

+review REVIEW-6059

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Add coverage around non-buildables for dependentComponents

+review REVIEW-6045

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Design doc work for #dependent-components

Add some open questions/ideas for test coverage

Fix spec typos

+review REVIEW-6008

Update spec to reflect reality

+review REVIEW-6001

Fix formatting

+review REVIEW-6008

Change the implementation for registering `DaemonExpirationListener`'s

+review REVIEW-6008