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Parameter connection related code simplification

Renamings and code simplifications suggested in the pull request.

No functionality changed.

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Remove design-docs folder

This has turned into a graveyard for ideas. It only serves

to confuse people at this point. We have found it more productive

to either

- use GitHub Epics and issues for smaller design questions

- use Google Docs for larger topics (e.g. native publishing)

These documents quickly go out of date once a feature is implemented.

They are not a replacement for good user and code documentation.

Many of the documents are about features that we never ended up

implementing. Having those documents still around might lock us

into a certain way of thinking about a problem. Instead we should

have a fresh look at it when we actually want to start working on it.

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Introduce creation of parameterized tooling models

This commit introduces the possibility of passing parameters through the

Tooling API to the model builders in order to create models based on

information received by the client.

This feature allows plugins to register a model builder for a given

model and parameter and then build models based on the received

parameter. It is preferable to passing gradle properties for two

reasons: first convenience and second because parameters can be created

inside the BuildAction.

A new interface ToolingParameterizedModelBuilder was created and should

be extended by parameterized builders. New methods were added to the

BuildController in order to build models with parameters. In order to

keep cross version compatibility, new protocol interfaces were created.

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Use GNU-style release flag for Java 9 compiler (#2474)

Since JDK 9 b135, only the new GNU-style option with double-dashes is supported for the "--release" flag


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Use GNU-style release flag for Java 9 compiler (#2474)

Since JDK 9 b135, only the new GNU-style option with double-dashes is supported for the "--release" flag


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Remove use of `Java9ClassReader`

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Moved ObjectInstantiationException to public API

This avoids leaking an internal exception type through the

ObjectFactory.newInstance API.

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Replace showing work avoided in console with showing in build result

Add some more details to spec

Break out story for declaring dependency on public API of core plugins

Add spec for exposing new Gradle API methods to DependencyHandler

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Remove some some duplicated words from gradle

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remove extraneous letter

Allow running tasks before executing BuildAction

Introduce methods forTasks in tooling API's BuildActionExecuter so the

user is able to run tasks before having his BuildAction executed, in the

same connection.

This feature is useful in Android development for determining a list of

APK slipts (running some tasks) and return a model with them afterwards

so the IDE can configure the project.

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Update spec based on feedback

Lay out option for approaching convention mapping as public API

Some improvements to milestone 2 of Console design spec

Design specification for improved Console output (#1063)

Introduces 4 deliverable milestones

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Introduce spec for turning internal API into public APIs

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Spec and test cases for removing JavaCompile stale output (#984)

Spec and test cases for removing JavaCompile stale output

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Touch up spec to reflect reality

Add spec for code coverage features

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Base design doc for JUnit Platform support

Design doc covering the problem statement for JUnit Platform support

and the related infrastructure issues. This is meant to facilitate

discussion and agreement on what should be solved in the scope of

supporting the JUnit Platform.

Issue: #828

Add spec for changing the tasks report

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Update from feedback

Update composite task execution spec


fix formatting

Add some possible solution ideas

initial details for task execution in a composite

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Refined design doc to be in line with integration test

The example in the integration tests and the doc should now use the same

project/module names and versions. In addition some clutter was removed

from the example, i.e. build script details that do not influence the

behaviour described in the document.

+review REVIEW-6173

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