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Move Groovydoc classes to language-groovy.

+review REVIEW-5165

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Add a public API for the $() methods implicitly available in DSL rules.

+review REVIEW-5177

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Move Javadoc task related classes to language-java

+review REVIEW-5165

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Prepare for build with Gradle 2.0.

Compile task -> JavaCompile.

More strict checks for file name matching to class name.

Disable NoWildCardImport rule in codenarc.

Methods with the same name and different modifier are discouraged in Groovy 2.3.

TaskContainer.add() -> create().

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Prevent @author tags in Groovy code too.

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Remove @author tags and names from source code.

- Added checkstyle check for @author

- Added not to saying that we don't use names in the codebase

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checkstyle: allow class member names to start with _ (as a way to "hide" them from groovy metaprogramming)

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GRADLE-2552 - fix duplicate files in distribution zips.

Also added a distribution test for this.

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REVIEW-130 Moved out the help tasks implementation to a separate project.

1. The new subproject is called 'diagnostics' (follows an existing convention of the package names). New subproject contains help task implementations (including dependency report tasks). 'reporting' subproject only contans the reporting API.

2. Added the help tasks implementation on the integTestRuntime classpath for every project with integTests. This way we avoid surprises that 'help' or 'tasks' task is missing when one writes a unrelated integ test.

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Avoided duplicate package-info in the new 'reporting' project.

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Check for 'created by intellij' in groovy files, as we do for java files.

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Revert out work on build migration verification model.

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Don't require Javadoc for the migration project (as it's incubating).

fixed codenarc static final field rule to allow "serialVersionUID"

Adding the beginnings of an _experimental_ JavaScript plugin.

Right now, this is really just some Rhino infrastructure. This is heading towards CoffeeScript compilation.

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Moved Action from core to baseServices.

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Added checkstyle rule that looks for default intellij comments

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Added missing javadoc for reporting classes.

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new reporting stuff

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
Made the checktyle header rule more happy with IDEA 11.

Ignore "FactoryMethodName" codenarc rule added in v0.16

Upgraded wrapper to use new snapshot.

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Refactoring. Extracted the jna stuff into the same package. Started suppressing the c-style checkstyle violations in a consistent fashion.

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
Enabled suppressing checkstyle using code comments

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GRADLE-1762 tidy-up and refactoring. Decomposed some complexity into separate classes for clarity. Simplified some code.

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
GRADLE-1762 Some checkstyle fixes, commented out some validation because it breaks on Windows. Suppressed the c-style method names in the checkstyle suppressions config.

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Introduced a build convention of projects prefixed with “internal-” being regarded as not for public consumption.

Right now, this means not including them in the Gradle distribution and not requiring Javadocs like public projects.

The “testing” project has been renamed to “testingInternal” under this new convention.

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Moved core/src/test and core/src/integTest into new “testing” module which contains all fixtures/utilities for testing support.

This module is not part of the Gradle distribution. See the build script for this module for more info.

  1. … 134 more files in changeset.
[ToolingAPI for IDEA] Modelled the IdeaLanguageLevel. I tried to have some of the benefits of enums without actually using enums. Improved the model adapter to handle boolean return values (actually all primitive return values). Updated checkstyle rules for method name to something more reasonable (e.g. supporting underscore in the method name if we want it).

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Fixed how daemon is launched on windows, so that it is fully detached from the launching process. This fixes, for example, the tooling api sample integration tests getting stuck on windows.

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