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Use a flag to avoid duplicate CACHE_MISS tag (#8081)

This fixes

Previously we didn't check if a build is already tagged `CACHE_MISS` before tagging. This PR adds an `AtomicBoolean` as a flag to avoid duplicate tags.

Add support for running on Jenkins

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Support for building Gradle on Jenkins

This allows for building Gradle on Jenkins with useful build scan tags.

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Don't publish CACHE_MISS tag in buildScanPluginPerformanceTest (#8029)

Because it doesn't depend on compileAll task.

Tag CACHE_MISS upon unexpected cache miss (#7869)

This is the first-step implementation of

Previously sometimes we see unexpected cache misses in the build, which we want to monitor. This PR marks all non-skipped `AbstractCompile` and `ClasspathManifest` tasks as `CACHE_MISS` if current build is not `compileAll`, so that this build can be searched in build scan later.

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Add build scan tag when executed from IDEA

The `BuildScanPlugin` now tries to detect if the build has been

executed from IDEA. It also tries to add the version as a custom


It seems like different versions of IDEA set different properties.

For example, I didn't see `idea.registered` and `` at

the same time, yet.

Remove links from build scans created on Travis

- Remove report links (only works on TC)

- Remove links to `` GE instance for current commit

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Fix Kotlin compiler warning

`envValue` is now known to be non-null at that point.

Merge pull request #7457 from marcphilipp/marc/travis

Introduce Travis build for contributor PRs

Run performance test against fork point commit (#7337)

This closes

Basically, the idea is, we should run feature branch performance tests against the distribution which is built from the "fork point commit". This can reduce the effects of performance regression which is not introduced by the feature branch.

Two tasks are added into the build and depended by performance task:

- `determineForkPoint`, run `git` command to determine the fork point commit. It's done during the execution phase, then it sets the commit for `buildForkPointDistribution` task.

- `buildForkPointDistribution`, try to build a distribution from the fork point commit.

`buildForkPointDistribution` is cachable so it only needs to run once. Its input is the fork point commit, the output is two files: a binary distribution and a tooling api jar. The generated binary distribution is used to run individual worker tests.

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Add support for Travis

Fix BuildScanPlugin.system() hanging on Windows

Add search links to build scan (#6913)

Now there is a link to search scans for

- the same commit id

- the compile all build for the commit id

- the same build type

Reuse `Gradle.serviceOf` extension

Build scan plugin should not fail when build fails

Build scan plugin should not fail when build fails

Add classloader details only once per task to build scan

We have been adding duplicate information about the classloader details

of selected tasks (times the number of subprojects).

Let's not do that.

Polish `BuildScanPlugin`

- Suppress unused warning on plugin class

- Move auxiliary function to after its uses

- Shorten long expression with duplicate sub-expression via ` { }`

- Deduplicate `buildScan` receiver by

- Nesting `background` expressions under single `buildScan` block

- Removing nested `buildScan` blocks

- Simplify `setCommitId` by changing receiver to `BuildScanExtension`

Use scan plugin 1.15

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Get the `buildScan` extension early to prevent CME with multi-threaded data gathering

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Fix codenarc build scan values

Some violations don't have a message, but a source line instead.

Rename nested function for clarity

Wait for async processes to configure the `buildScan` extension

In `buildScan.buildFinished` to guarantee everything has finished before

transmitting the event stream.

Revert "Wait for async processes to configure `buildScan` extension"

This reverts commit 875e7f0fa844e91d3050f9f3c35d61f33de9356b.

Wait for async processes to configure `buildScan` extension

Polish `org.gradle.gradlebuild.profiling.buildscan.Visitor`

Avoid resolving all possible tasks

Apply ktlint-convention rules to Kotlin code in buildSrc

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Polish BuildScanPlugin.kt

Using .flatMap{} instead of .map{}.flatten()

Added gradlebuild namespace to plugins and more modularization in buildSrc

- Added to all plugins in buildSrc "gradlebuild." to their id

- Shortened plugin names

- Added ide and docs as additional modules

- Applied java-library plugin to Kotlin projects to model dependencies

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