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Ignore tests

Fix incorrect split (#10689)

I made a mistake when splitting the test sets: suppose we have 1000 tests and want to split into 3 buckets, the previous split is [333,333,333,1], so the test include/exclude patterns are:

- include 1..333

- include 334..666

- exclude 1..999

We're missing a large subset of tests! This fixes this issue by correctly splitting the buckets.

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Fix split

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Fix BuildTypesPluginTest

Fix BuildTypesPluginTest

Remove debug code

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Use defaults

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Try latest nightly

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Try latest nightly

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Ignore DetermineBaselinesTest

Fix cache-hit in flakiness detection performance test (#8482)

We don't want build cache hit in performance flakiness detection, however, previously the coordinator build resolves "flakiness-detection-commit" baseline to real commit id "5.3-commit-237a600", resulting in unexpected cache hit.

This PR fixes it by:

- On coordinator's side, pass "flakiness-detection-commit" as it is to worker build.

- On worker's side, worker build resolves "flakiness-detection-commit" to real commit version - this disables build cache.

Since `DetermineBaselines` is becoming more and more complex, this PR also adds a unit test for `DetermineBaselines` class.

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Use '' as repository URL

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Prepare for Kotlin DSL upgrade with Kotlin 1.2.60-eap-44

- Disable ktlint-convention plugin because it can only run against a

single Kotlin version

- Disambiguate `mock<T> { ... }` calls via `name` parameter

(necessary due to the `SamConversionForKotlinFunctions` feature)

- Replace delegated property of type `Any?` by API call

- Replace calls to reified extensions moved upstream by API calls

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Convert `PublishPublicLibrariesPlugin` to precompiled script plugin

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Apply ktlint-convention rules to Kotlin code in buildSrc

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Refactored packages and plugins in buildSrc

- Extracted AvailableJavaInstallations plugin from GradleCompilePlugin

- Merged rest of GradleCompilePlugin into UnitTestAndCompilePlugin

- Moved integration-testing and test fixture code into integration-testing module

- Renamed clean up packages

- Added gradlebuild id to distribution test plugin

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Deduplicated integration testing logic and moved it to Kotlin

- Extracted common logic between integration testing and cross version testing.

- Simplified test exclude logic

- Removed unnecessary extra properties

- Unified wrongly divergent configuration between integration testing and cross version testing

- Made configuration consistent for the system properties of all integration test tasks

- Removed unnecessary global (withType) configuration logic.

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Migrated gradle/publish.gradle to Kotlin

- Moved code to buildSrc

- Added a test for some of the functionality

- Removed some unnecessary execution time configuration

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Refactored buildSrc into modules to improve feedback cycles

- Created module boundaries around different languages and slow tests

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