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Forcibly use java 8 for JDK links for now

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Change a few Groovy HTTP links in docs to HTTPS

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Revert "Use HTTPS for links to groovy docs from Javadoc"

This reverts commit 35342c85e520ea81ccc307743a40c053c957b99e.

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Use HTTPS for links to groovy docs from Javadoc

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Use JavaParser to generate DSL metadata

We no longer have any Groovy source files that are part of the API.

Thus, support for parsing them is no longer necessary. The Java parser

that was used until now does not support Java 7 or 8 source code

features such as try-with-resources, lambdas, and method references.

Now, the JavaParser library is used which supports all of them.

Resolves #7566.

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Refactored buildSrc into modules to improve feedback cycles

- Created module boundaries around different languages and slow tests

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