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Move kotlin-dsl in a sub directory

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Introduce `QuickBench` task

Exclude `source-control` from the performance test

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Refine Benchmark task

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Move benchmark bias toward baseline

Increase number of benchmark warmup and observation runs

Report final benchmark results

Isolate benchmarks Gradle user home dir

Take advantage of `KotlinDslCompilerPlugins` in `buildSrc`

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Normalize `inline` modifier layout

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Apply linting rules to buildSrc Kotlin code

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Fix buildSrc task validation errors

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Enable jsr305 annotations on `buildSrc`

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Favor java.time over javax.xml.bind for date operation in Benchmark task

The :benchmark task now uses temporary dirs for samples

And keep daemon logs close to the runs

Re-enable samples

Rename base package to org.gradle.kotlin.dsl

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:benchmark puts daemon registries into build/tmp/benchmark

Introduce `./gradlew benchmark --include-sample <pattern>`

Introduce `--exclude-sample` command line to `benchmark` task

So the offending samples can be temporarily excluded from the

benchmark in CI.

:benchmark stops spawned isolated daemons after each benchmark

Upgrade the Build Scan Plugin to 1.7.2 and un-ignore related checks

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Ignore broken `build-scan` sample tests

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Integration test samples

See #345

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- Normalise placement of `private`, `protected`, `internal` and

`inline` modifiers

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Enable verbose output for the Kotlin daemon on CI

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Show stack trace when a sample fails to check

Recompile scripts when checking samples

Make `CheckSample` task cacheable again

- Exclude `build` folders from the input

Make `CheckSample` task cacheable