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Fix sample for changed API

Revert to old behavior of gradleApi() and gradleTestKit()

The new behavior is still reachable through internal APIs but not exposed to the end user.

+review REVIEW-5867

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Renamed `Applicator` to `CachingPropertyApplicator`

+review REVIEW-5873

Enabled test for stdout/stderr with integrated composite

Move follow symlinks to a field.

+review REVIEW-5852

- This change also moves the deletion of the test symlink in Jdk7Symlink

to a finally block instead of at VM shutdown.

Fix CI

+review REVIEW-5867

Renamed CompositeBuildLauncherInternal -> CompositeBuildLauncher

Renamed new identifier properties on tooling models

GradleBuild.getIdentifier() -> getBuildIdentifier()

BuildEnvironment.getGradleBuildIdentifier() -> getBuildIdentifier()

GradleProject.getIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

BasicGradleProject.getIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

BuildInvocations.getGradleProjectIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

ProjectPublications.getGradleProjectIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

Launchable.getGradleProjectIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

GRADLE-3423: Inner class reference is no longer resolved

Javadoc tweaks for `GradleConnection`

GRADLE-3423: Inner class reference is no longer resolved

Fix license header

Add an IDEA performance test

update daemon specs after planning meeting

Replace dependency on Guava's `CacheLoader` with an ad-hoc cache implementation

Simplify composite build demo code

Clarify how Gradle used to behave

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Making add to build operation queue thread safe

Transform unknown model exceptions received from daemon composite coordinator

Internal model exceptions were leaking out in the model results returned for

and integrated composite. These are now mapped correctly to public exception types.

Specify which tests should NOT be run with an integrated composite

Instead of specifying the tests that DO work with an integrated composite,

we specify which ones do not yet work. This should make it easier to identify

the tests that still need fixing. Before integrated composite can be considered

fully functional from the Tooling API, all of these tests need to be fixed.

Check the validity of target build earlier in composite build task execution

When executing a task on a composite, the target build needs to be specified

either via the Launchable instance or directly. We now check that this build

is part of the composite earlier in execution, allowing the check to apply

equally to integrated and non-integrated composites.

Enabled testing of integrated composites for many cases

For tests that are already functional, we now test an 'integrated' composite

when testing against the current (under-development) gradle version, retaining

the existing coverage with a non-integrated composite for older versions.

Note that this isn't great, since we've removed coverage for a non-integrated

composite against the current gradle version. Need to enhance the test runner

to include both scenarios.

Determine ClassloaderRegistry type based on marker file

The fat JAR files contain a marker file to determine the type of JAR.

+review REVIEW-5867

Fix BuildInvocations and ProjectPublication models in an integrated composite

The `ToolingModelBuilder`s for these types are now able to construct the full

set of models for a multiproject build, given the root project.

Create `ProjectIdentifier` in the tooling consumer for integrated composite model requests

Rather than send a serialized `ProjectIdentifier` over the wire, we instead send the

raw data and create the instance in the consumer. This provides consistency for all

identifiers returned by an integrated composite, as well as consistency with those

returned by a non-integrated composite and `ProjectConnection`.

This change was driven primarily by the need for equality to work well for

model identifiers.

Fix build failure

+review REVIEW-5869

Release notes preamble, more breaking changes and composite build blurb

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Make it easier to test with an integrated composite

Record cache hits and misses in integTest

+review REVIEW-5869

Upgrade to byte-buddy 1.3.5

+review REVIEW-5869