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Remove some APIs from the public interface

Update test

The error messages were changed in the previous commit.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#213

Add 0.12.2 release notes

Add 0.12.2 release notes

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Break up and simplify DefaultVisualStudioLocator some more

Emit clearer error messages from VersionControlSystem calls

Part of gradle/gradle-native#213

Add relevant annotations

Make Checkstyle happy

Fix constructor name

More test cases

Renamed a method to hopefully better communicate its purpose, and added some Javadocs.

Rename dependency key

Can create locks for multi-project builds

Add README to sample

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Use a specialized `DependencyMetadata` implementation for those dependencies extracted from the module metadata file, rather than reusing the implementation used for dependencies extracted from a POM.

Add user-facing comment

Merge pull request #573 from gradle/eskatos/release/gradle-4.3-rc3

Merge v0.12.2 on `master` and use Gradle 4.3-RC3

Locks are grouped by projects and its configurations

Merge pull request #3271 from gradle/sg/native/binary-properties

Add new queryable properties to CppBinary

Change to an invalid address

This makes it more clear that we are not hoping to find a real

repository at the URL in question.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#213

Add a test for non-repo error message

Fixes #213

Address review comments

Verify resolution of transitive dependencies

Move more logic into fixture

A disabled build option should provide a proper description (#3237)

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Ignore tests as they are still flaky

Forcibly make default & gradlePluginPortal() a maven repository

and adapt tests and fixtures introducing HttpPluginRepository with

plugin resolution expectations helpers.

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Merge branch 'bamboo/v0.12.2' into eskatos/release/v0.12.2

Update the compatibility baseline to latest RC

Merge branch 'release'