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Publish 5.1-20181207075511+0000

Handle `Provider` with no value for optional task inputs registered using ``.

Add support for `@Option` attached to task properties of type `Property<T>`.

Collection properties are not yet handled, nor is `@OptionValues` attached to a task property of type `Provider<T>`.

Also, for task properties of type `List<T>`, convert the elements to the declared element type, rather than just forwarding a `List<String>`.

Add test case for deprecated behaviour.

Merge pull request #1281 from gradle/eskatos/resolver-logger/cleanup

Cleanup IDE resolver logs older than 7 days

Merge pull request #1285 from gradle/bamboo/kotlin-1.3.11

Kotlin 1.3.11

Fix Gradle API extensions test after distro snapshot upgrade

`TaskContainer.register` is no longer `@Incubating` so the test was

changed to include `ObjectFactory.named` which still is.

Ignore test on Windows GCC equivalent

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Fix collection property implementations when `add()` or `put()` are called when the convention is being used.

Update release notes to add some more information about `MapProperty` and `convention()`.

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Add a brief user manual section describing how to attach a convention to a property.

Fix type declaration typo and some name mangling issue

Only check clang version for MacOS when deciding architecture support

Fix capitalization of the variant string

Bump plugins version

Use the same logic to traverse the partial dependency graph to calculate the build dependencies of an artifact transform and to traverse the resolved graph to calculate the artifact dependencies to inject into the transform. Remove the deprecation warning suppression as it is no longer required.

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Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Fix issue when running component tests with 64 bit toolchain

Update upgrade guide to mention 4.10.3 as latest 4.10

Remove unused interface methods

Remove unused sequence

Allow a `WorkNodeAction` to declare which project it will require access to when it runs, if any. Use this to ensure that the project lock is held when resolving the dependency graph prior to running artifact transforms that take artifact dependencies as input.

Fix objectiveC test on clang on linux

handle dot in project name correctly without dropping part of the

Issue [#960](

Handle dot in project name without dropping part of the project name.

Signed-off-by: Kent Fletcher <>

Ignore tests that just won't work on windows gcc

Move remaining test from DTASRT

When an artifact transform accepts artifact dependencies as input, schedule a work node that resolves the dependency graph as a dependency of the transform node. Previously the resolution would happen during transform node execution. Resolving the graph requires access to the project state of the configuration to be resolved, whereas running the transform node does not. Doing the resolution as a separate node makes this visible to the scheduling and avoids starting a bunch of transform nodes to have them block.

Upgrade samples to Kotlin 1.3.11

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